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When I Stepped Outside My College Gates, My Real Struggle As A Fresher Began

The real struggle as a fresher often happens right out of college, in that confusing time when you are not yet working but have great expectations from life.

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Learning The Art Of Dealing With Rejection Can Be A Big Step In Preventing Suicides

Most suicides can be prevented by learning the art of dealing with rejection, especially among the young, impressionable age group.

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Why Adolescence Problems Need To Be Handled On The Road To Responsible Adulthood

The teenage years are often fraught with angst against authority - especially parents. It is a difficult period for everyone. Shouldn't these adolescence problems be focused upon by adults and teenagers alike?

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Why Looking At Things Positively Is Important

Circumstances cannot be controlled, but your response to them certainly can be. Looking at things positively certainly helps your well-being.

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If Genelia Can Be Cool Repeating A Dress, Why Can’t We?

Have just a few good clothes in your wardrobe, but still like to be dressed in style? Here is the secret of how to do it.

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What Is Really Achieved By All That Pressure To Perform Well At School?

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and want her to do her best. But have you given a thought to the damage that putting academic pressure on kids can cause?

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