If Genelia Can Be Cool Repeating A Dress, Why Can’t We?

Have just a few good clothes in your wardrobe, but still like to be dressed in style? Here is the secret of how to do it.

Have just a few good clothes in your wardrobe, but still like to be dressed in style? Here is the secret of how to do it.

How many of you have at least one friend/cousin who would sulk at the thought of having to wear the same clothes for a wedding or event twice. It doesn’t matter if that dress is being worn for two entirely different crowds still statements like ‘out of fashion’, ‘bored’, ‘everyone has seen the pics’ will be flying around.

If you feel the same then you should read this – Actress Genelia D’souza wore the same outfit for her brother Nigel’s wedding that she had worn for her brother-in-law Dheeraj’s marriage three years back. Despite repeating her lehenga she looked stunning and was the center of attraction grabbing all eyeballs. If a celebrity can repeat her outfit why can’t you?

Most of us love dressing in a different way and never like to repeat clothes. At the same time most of us are so lazy and busy that we don’t mind repeating clothes.

There are many who feel that you look your best only in your new clothes. That is not true. The fact remains that even with fewer clothes in the wardrobe you can feel fabulous and look great. It’s all in the mind.

You can always mix and match to create different combinations. There is one thing that you need to remember. It is okay to repeat your clothes but always remind yourself of how much time you leave in between the repetitions. If you can afford a minimum of 5 different set of clothes then that would be really good.

One of my friend’s manager repeated her clothes every alternate day. Her teammates hated going to their manager’s cabin because they felt she never washed her clothes and instead used perfume. Not that she did not have clothes to wear but seems like she was too busy to search in her wardrobe.

Don’t forget to press your clothes and wash it after every wear if you sweat a lot. Do not wear it if it has got stains. If you are wearing clean, pressed clothes repeating clothes is not that embarrassing.

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Whenever your clothes come back from laundry make it a point to put freshly washed clothes under the clothes that are already there. Most of the time people tend to pick out what they first come in contact with in the morning and it is unfortunately the same clothing they wore two days back.

If you are too lazy or too busy then you can keep some different jackets/cardigans ready in your wardrobe and then wear it with a dress that you repeat often. Even if you are wearing a dress you wore probably two days back, most people will fall for this trick and will never realize.

Now next time when you have repeat your dress twice, be wise.

Image source: mtvindia.com


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