Food blogger and a writer by passion. Writing has been my source of let out, ever since my college days. Am a woman with a strong belief that you can make difference in everyone's life with a strike of love and trust, and that makes life beautiful.

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How Does Loving Someone Mean Keeping Them Under Control And Being Possessive About Them?

Love is not just gifts, roses and love making. Neither is it about keeping your partner under control. It is about trust, understanding and being there.

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If You’re In Love, Aim For A ‘Happy’ Relationship Rather Than The ‘Perfect’ One!

While being in love is great, expecting your relationship to be 'perfect' is not! However, why not aim for a happy relationship instead of a perfect one?

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When Owning Less Is More!! Being A Minimalist!

Strip away the excess you hold, find happiness in the life you live today with what you exactly need and not from "in case u need".

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Do You Find Yourself Doing Everything With & For Your Spouse? BIG Mistake!

Losing yourself for your partner, doing everything with your spouse - it all sounds very romantic. But unless you love yourself first and do things for yourself, you'll no longer be the person they fell in love with!

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The Marriage Rule Book

Marriage is for happiness and not for adjustments only. It is not to make others happy and act as per their choices.

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My Virginity And Your Obscenities… Grow Up Please

Don't feed your daughters with wrong thoughts about life that a relationship has to be kept alive if she has lost her virginity.

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My Kids’ Stationery – A Threat! Are We Doing It Right?

When we don't learn it, our kids will not even attempt to learn it. Check your study table. Most probably, you will find unnecessary stationery piled up!!!

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Do You Know About The Seven Year Itch?

Psychologists say that the seventh year of marriage is characterized by unsettled feelings and the urge to move out of the relationship

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Soundarya Rajinikanth wedding
Soundarya Rajinikanth Has Married Again; Why Are The Busybodies Getting Worked Up?

When Soundarya Rajinikanth decided to go for a second marriage, there were lot of meddlers to judge her on her decision, specially as she has a child from her first marriage.

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Here’s Why Being Openly Affectionate In Front Of Our Kids Is A Good Thing!

Why aren't we more openly affectionate with our partner in front of our kids, when that could actually teach them more of love and less of hate? 

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