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When Owning Less Is More!! Being A Minimalist!

Strip away the excess you hold, find happiness in the life you live today with what you exactly need and not from "in case u need".

Off late I have been thinking a lot about a minimalist life. In fact, I have almost accomplished at least 20 per cent of it. Minimalism to me is finding your happiness by owning less because anything that is materialistic cannot keep you happy eternally. Just think!! We fill our wardrobe with clothes, but what we use for the next 30 days is just 30 to 40 per cent of it.

I know for days together I have survived with 2 jeans and a little less than 4 t-shirts alternatively and almost most of my expensive salwars, kurtis and sarees have been on sleep mode for months. In the same way, you might own some 5 handbags, out of which you use only 2 very frequently and the rest are labelled as “later use”.

Check your wardrobe now. Now let’s start with this 120/120 rule. Sort out the dress that you no longer wear, some that don’t fit you now, some dresses that you no longer like, and so on. Give 120 days time and check whether you are able to wear it in that 120 days of time. If you didn’t, then chances are less that you gonna start wearing in the next 120 days. I mean there is, in fact, no chance at all. Donate those, those dresses that no longer serve a purpose, before you start investing in some new trendy fashionable clothes. Just because a t-shirt costs only 200 bucks doesn’t mean you need to stock when you already have some 5 T-shirts sleeping peacefully in your wardrobe!!! It’s not about money, it’s about being materialistic, it’s about consumption, it’s about finding some peace because less is always more.

In the same way, check your kitchen, you might probably need two pans but still find one more on discount this weekend and add it to your kitchen. Why do you need that??

Everything that you hold as “extra” or “just in case” is nothing but TRASH. Take some time every day to check your house, discard everything that you hold thinking it’ll be useful for some hypothetical future. Trust me that future never comes.

What you need today is more important and living with less gives you absolute happiness. Just look around you at this moment of reading this, you might find at least 2 items which you don’t need but are still holding on because, “you bought it” and “you feel, it ‘ll be useful later”.

Take a bag, dump those extra things or unused things you have at your home in that and keep it aside. If you are able to live without that for the next 30 days, then am sure you can very well donate it to someone who needs it. This includes everything…

A family of four has anything less than 2 idly pots, 5 kadai, and much more. Throw one out or donate it. This is how you can start. And it is not only about the kitchen. You spend on accessories, but hardly use it after one occasion. Think before spending on it.

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Nobody is bothered about what brand you use. Stuffing up your wardrobe with all high-end brands and looking for appreciation from your colleagues is going to end up in huge depression for you. Understand the fact that “less is more”.

Happiness is not about what you own, happiness is about what you feel for; your hobbies, your friends, your family, your passion and the memories you make. We’ve been wrongly navigated for years together that we got to pursue more, go for more, earn more. But what you exactly need is less, what you need to live today, to explore, and most importantly to find happiness in yourself.

And that doesn’t happen with the things you dump beneath your bed, it happens with owning less, for with that you can sense the true freedom of happiness, freedom from depression, freedom of life, freedom of courage, freedom of confidence. Strip away the excess you hold, find happiness in the life you live today with what you exactly need and not from “in case u need”.


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