Here’s Why Being Openly Affectionate In Front Of Our Kids Is A Good Thing!

Posted: February 12, 2019

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Why aren’t we more openly affectionate with our partner in front of our kids, when that could actually teach them more of love and less of hate? 

I have never seen my parents kiss in front of me. Probably most of us wouldn’t have. There were times, I’m not talking about the Doordarshan days, a little later than that when I was doing my UG, my mom used to hold the remote rigidly and change the channel if there was any suspicion about any romance happening in the next scene.

We are actually taught that romance is wrong. Even if in a subtle way, so very politely, that it raises the curiosity to watch it all when parents are out of the house.

Why can’t initimacy be talked about? A little bit more openly shown in front of kids? No am not talking about sex or making love here; I do know why rooms came with doors.

I’m speaking here about a peck of a kiss, a warm tight hug, some moments on your partner’s lap,… why can’t that happen in front of your kids? Let’s not shy away from that. Let being intimate be a little bit open. Let them feel the love, let them know how to love others, let them know how much we need to value our partner, even in an expressive way.

This world revolves only around the hope of love, so why not show it off a little more in front of our kids? For kids learn more from you, and not just beneath their bedsheets when you are not at home. With everything you do, your kids learn, and most of all they’ll know about the good feelings in life, and also know when they aren’t good.

Let them not feel that kissing or hugging someone is a crime. When you start something like this at home, and make love and affection open, you might see less of crimes like rape and murder, for it all starts with us! With every stone you are building a kingdom, a kingdom of love for your kids!

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