My Virginity And Your Obscenities… Grow Up Please

Don't feed your daughters with wrong thoughts about life that a relationship has to be kept alive if she has lost her virginity.

I do not want to label myself as a feminist and write male-bashing stuff but still, I couldn’t help it this time. Recently, I read a post about “How important is virginity to women” and ” How important is for women to cover themselves at all times” and this really made me angry and upset at the same time. Honestly, being the mother of an eight-year-old girl, I find it absolutely absurd and ridiculous.

When a man loses his senses and has forced sex he doesn’t lose anything, but a woman loses her so-called “virginity”. I mean…. seriously??

Now do not come up with the same outdated stupid question you always ask my dear male chauvinist…

“A man can walk half naked, is it possible by a woman??

Oh!! Please come on!!! There should be a little sense, rather than being senseless. Dressing up glamorous is different from dressing up sexy and inviting. Why does a way of dressing label a woman as a bitch? Why does a late night party or late night work in her office stamp her as a slut? Why does a bikini of her choice on her vacation, talk about her family values? Why does a lady with a wine glass is filtered as an easy going and approachable women? Why does her friendliness with a colleague from the opposite gender make you judge her?  Why does a woman doing all these things together become a topic of conversation at one point? And yeah… at times her parents are blamed for bringing up such kind of daughters in this universe!

A woman is a woman!!! It’s not always about cleavage and the butt that makes a man go for non-consensual sex or rape. It’s not always about the dress that makes a man go crazy enough to woo her. It’s not always getting drunk a reason for all the unhappiness in a woman’s life. Its all about how you judge a woman. Its all about your own discipline. Its all about your respect for the opposite gender and more importantly, fellow human beings.

When you crave for sex, even a wrapped up preserved mummy in the pyramids can become prey for you.

When a man can roam around with sleeves rolled up and collars erect with style after a successful break up with his girlfriend that involved consensual sex, why should a woman even bother about losing her virginity?

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Consensual sex happens in every relationship where there is trust, but at times when certain things fail, you can’t hang on to a relationship just because you lost your “shitty virginity”.

Virginity is how you see others. Virginity is just a mirror of your reflection and your thoughts.

If just a way of dressing makes you assassinate a woman’s character, it just brutally proves your ugly thought processes.

Don’t scare your girls and tell them to cover themselves up properly or else men will rape u. Don’t feed wrong thoughts about life that a relationship should be kept alive just because she has had consensual sex with her partner and lost her virginity…

There is much more to life than that. Let them live, let them learn, let them face the challenges of life. Let them have a wrong relationship, let them experience some moment of failures. But don’t condition them with the thought that virginity is synonymous to their character or vice versa!!!


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