Nisha Kartik

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Whether It Is While Reading My Favourite Book Or Baking A Cake, I Am The Happiest With You

I realize it now My life had been brilliant, since the first day I looked deeply inside your eyes. It was you then and it's you now. It'll always be you.

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This Is Why I Love Being Around You!

Some people are a delight to be around, it's their cultivation of "positive vibes" and this takes a lot of effort and determination "to be nice."

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Advice From A Mom: Live Like Moana!

Ever watch children’s movies..when you weren’t a child anymore? Let me start by saying I’m a real movie buff. I cannot think of anything better than snuggling with my kids anytime during the day, with lots of enthusiasm and drama in hand. As they get older, this experience is now saved more than often for […]

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The Woman Outside The Men’s Trial Room!

Rarely do you find yourself in awkward moments, feeling foolish, careless and tongue tied all at once. I hadn’t had mine, in a long time. Ever had an embarrassing moment, something you felt extremely stupid about? Downright awkward moment? I think that I possibly attract ‘awkward’. I usually avoid trial rooms and hence as a fallout […]

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