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The Woman Outside The Men’s Trial Room!

Posted: July 23, 2020

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Rarely do you find yourself in awkward moments, feeling foolish, careless and tongue tied all at once. I hadn’t had mine, in a long time.

Ever had an embarrassing moment, something you felt extremely stupid about? Downright awkward moment?
I think that I possibly attract ‘awkward’.

I usually avoid trial rooms and hence as a fallout of that –buying clothes from a store is minimal. I am lazy. And not very popular at home with that one.

But the enthusiasm is good when the husband has his day. Quite naturally, formal shirts have to be tested on a person, for the right fitting.
One day, he makes his pick and walks towards the trial room- stylishly spaced, with light weight cabinets, classy lighting like all high end business clothing stores are. He chose a couple of them I guess. I asked him that he show me once, after he wears it.
With nothing much to shop for or do around, I thought I would make a good use of my time. I walk around admiring the gorgeous clothing racks, chic room design and everything fashionable. I actually forgot to follow him.
After looking around for say ten minutes, I desired to see a first cut, of how dapper he looked.
I presumed that I looked like a shopping mall cliche- waiting outside the fitting rooms, like I was on trial. I was the only person doing the wait.

It was not an ordeal since I had plenty of room to walk and the soundtrack was one of my favourites like the ones from Spotify. I presume I gambled with the door and without a second thought, knocked on 2nd door and after a couple of knocks, (now when I think back- I was seemingly impatient) some other guy opened the door.

He peeped out in jeans and a hurriedly worn shirt, yet to be tucked in, with handcuffs left loose. I thought for a minute that, he might think that I was volunteering in a charity shop and I was told to keep an eye on him if he used the fitting room well or something like that.

My eagerness and angst never left my usually calm and serene looking face.
I was like, “Sorry! Looking for my husband.”
As if he wanted to ice the joke, he comes back with a smart one. He chuckled, ” Totally fine! The silence is deafening in here, right?”. I wouldn’t know whether that needed a response.
Perhaps he figured and in an attempt to ease the confusion, he gives me some value added information.” I think I saw a guy walking into the tailors section. If that be whom you’re looking for!”
Rarely do you find yourself in awkward moments, feeling foolish, careless and tongue tied all at once. I hadn’t had mine, in a long time.
No need to hit the gym; I’d already had a workout.

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