Whether It Is While Reading My Favourite Book Or Baking A Cake, I Am The Happiest With You

I realize it now My life had been brilliant, since the first day I looked deeply inside your eyes. It was you then and it's you now. It'll always be you.

I realize it now my life had been brilliant, since the first day I looked deeply inside your eyes. It was you then and it’s you now. It’ll always be you.

I feel happiest in my skin on a Sunday. It looks beautiful traditionally, when spent buying fresh flowers, having breakfast in bed, a long soak in the bath. And curling up on the sofa to read a book, baking a cake, a walk along the river. Or a yoga class, an afternoon of dancing around your living room to my favourite music.

It’s a day to indulge in guilty pleasures. Everybody has them, perhaps. I have a handful too.

At the top of my list is to do nothing, while I sit in my balcony and look at the sky. Honestly, I am doing this more often for therapeutic reasons. The sky has supernatural powers. One who does this, certainly knows it. If I add wine to the mix it’s even better.

Books and writing makes me happy too

I love reading books. Anytime. Passionate love stories and middle-east complicated love, in particular – are my favourite.

I feel happy when an idea comes to me, and I have to grab whatever writing tool I have and start writing it. It can come anytime, anywhere. I could be out walking, when a sentence comes to me. And I’d know it’s something because I’d practically want to write it down.

I hope I always have something to write on handy. It’s just this creative energy there. I think what usually blocks this kind of creative energy is when I am concerned about the technical process, the do’s, and don’ts.

Great if I am in my ‘favourite place,’ but if imagination and notes strike, I must get ’em down. Paper, napkin, computer screen phone. It has to go on any or every of it!

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I am happy when I am with my kids or listening to music

I feel happiest in my skin when I am snuggling with my kids anytime during the day, with lots of enthusiasm and drama in hand. As they get older, this experience is now reserved mostly for the weekends but I still absolutely love it!

I feel happy when my words can have a positive and warm effect on someone’s life. And I learnt this with enthusiastic practice and self-demos. I need this reminder too, sometimes. A compliment can go a long way.

I am happiest when I am listening to my favourite song and I fall in love with the beat,  with the rhythm, the lyrics and everything about it. You can’t get enough of it. It’s constantly in your head. And all you want to hear is your song.

And mostly, I feel happiest in my skin, when I am next to you.

But mostly, I am the happiest with you!

It’s you. I realize it now. It’s always been you. You’re the one who gives me purpose. It doesn’t matter if I used to spend every day of my life without significant desire, now you make me want to live longer.

I want more time by your side. On days that were difficult, I wanted to touch your skin with my cold hands so you make it warm. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to meet you in this world full of people. And I promise, I will never let you go.

I want to make you the happiest person in the universe. And I want you to feel butterflies in your stomach when I am around. I want to make you smile and feel like life is beautiful. Just like you made me feel the first time you kissed me.

I saw it from the beginning and I realize it more now. My life had been brilliant, since the first day I looked deeply inside your eyes. It was you then and it’s you now. It’ll always be you.

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