I'm currently a communications specialist in the corporate world, and mom to a teen and a tween. My previous career avatars had me freelancing as a content writer, teaching biotechnology in Bangalore colleges, being published in various compilations, being active with a Bangalore adoptive parents support group, and a volunteer with the American Red Cross and an Atlanta school library. I have written on Women’s Web and my personal blog, on parenting, adoption, feminism. I'm keenly interested in diversity and inclusion in the Indian workforce. I’ve also escaped with refugee experiences twice from Saddam Hussein and am a returned immigrant thrice over (from Iraq, Kuwait and the US).

Voice of Nayantara

hair loss
My Boldness About My Baldness – Overcoming The Shaming Over Hair Loss

My Crowning Glory…is my attitude to OPO—Other People’s Opinions about my hair loss. Whether it’s thinning, falling or greying hair, it’s just keratin—a dead protein. It doesn’t define me.

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Sherin Mathews’ Parents May Have Failed Her, But Let’s Separate Adoption From Abuse

Sherin Mathews’ adoptive father or adoptive mother might not have killed her. Her father or mother might have. Let's focus on the parenting, not on the adoption.

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Own It: Leadership Lessons from Women Who Do [Book Review]

Aparna Jain’s new book, Own It: Leadership Lessons from Women Who Do, does not pose as a sugar-coated, ready-reckoner, How-To career guide for the Indian working woman.

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Adopting a second child
Adopting The Second Child: My Story And What You Should Know

When you already have a biological child, can you accept and love your adopted one equally? Nayantara shares her personal experience.

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Challenges of gender-neutral parenting in the Indian family
Gender-Neutral Parenting And The Larger Family

Gender-neutral parenting is always a challenge, but the Indian extended family makes it extra difficult. How do Indian moms manage?

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Indian moms share about parenting high performers
About Parenting Gifted Children

The world of extremely gifted children differs quite drastically from those of "normal" kids. Two Indian moms talk to us about parenting talented sportspersons.

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About parenting with disabilities
Differently Abled Parents

People with a physical disability can be parents – and very able ones. Here two parents with disabilities talk about their parenting journey.

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Tips for Indian moms of children with chronic illness
Parenting Children With Chronic Illnesses

Parenting children with chronic illnesses is a challenge that many Indian moms face. Take heart from these parenting tips and stories.

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Single parenting tips for Indian moms
The Temporary Single Mother

When mum and dad are apart due to work, parenting becomes challenging. Some ‘married but single’ Indian moms share their parenting tips.

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Dealing With Criticism Of Your Child

Dealing with criticism of your child isn’t easy. Some Indian moms share their experiences and positive parenting tips to help.

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On Father's Day Indian dads speak out about parenting
Dads Do It Their Way: How Dads In India Are Stepping Up

With Father’s Day around the corner, some Indian dads speak about parenting and how they achieved closeness with their children.

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Teaching kids how to handle bullies
Teaching Kids To Handle Bullying

Bullying at school or neighbourhood playgrounds is quite common. Hence teaching kids how to handle bullies is important for their own safety.

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Tips for Indian moms to help kids stay away from home
Help Your Child Stay Away From Home

Many Indian moms are unsure about letting kids stay away from home. Here’s how you can help your child - and prepare yourself!

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Points about parenting when going through a divorce
About Parenting While Going Through A Divorce

A divorce is quite challenging for many Indian moms; points to remember about parenting when going through a divorce.

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Teaching kids gender equality
Are Gender Stereotypes Hurting Your Child?

Parenting based on gender stereotypes is limiting. Teaching kids gender equality is important to help your children pursue their true interests.

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Teaching kids simple household chores
Kids At Work – Get Started At Home!

Teaching kids simple household chores, keeps them busy, teaches them skills, helps you out and makes life easier for all.

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adoption procedure in India
Child Adoption Procedure In India: All Common Questions Answered

Today, many Indian women are considering Child Adoption in India. Learn about child adoption procedure in India and the rules to follow.

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