A working mom who wants to raise a feminist daughter. A book lover who dreams of being an author one day.

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You’re A Year Older, Daughter, And Here’s What I Wish For Your 4th Birthday

A mother shares the things she would like to wish for her 4 year old daughter, sometimes unusual wishes, but happiness, too!

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My Karvachauth, By My Choice – Whose Business Is It Anyway?

If a woman is choosing to fast on Karvachauth, should anyone else judge her for it or put her down? Feminism is, after all, about choice, right?

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who is a feminist
Tell Me, Who Is A Feminist, According To You? Can A Homemaker Be One?

Who is a feminist? This is a much misunderstood term, and debates still rage about it. Let's look at a well argued case here.

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own housework
We Teach Our Girls To Be Independent, But Do We Teach Our Boys To Do Housework?

It’s just not enough to teach a girl that she is equal when compared to her friend who is a boy. The boy needs to be taught too that he is not superior to the girls in his class or at home. I was at the office water cooler one day, just filling my bottle, […]

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