Muskan Syed Riaz

Born in Ethiopia and did my primary schooling in United Arab Emirates and New Delhi, I graduated in International Business and Finance from Delhi. Worked for nearly four years in the corporate world, choosing to stay at home after the birth of my first born who is a special child. The journey so far has been very fulfilling in all the roles I got to play, with challenges now and then that I have won against with my family's support. I love to read and find peace in writing. Writing acts like a therapy for me. I also love to drive whenever I am able to take out time from being a mother and home maker. Currently a resident of Sharjah, UAE.

Voice of Muskan Syed Riaz

Relationships And An Underlying Law Of Demand

The virtue of love by itself is self-sufficient to do justice to the object of our love. Until we find romantic love.

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When People Compliment Me For Looking Younger, I Am Not Amused

As we age, women are either 'consoled' for growing older, or reassured that they still 'look young'. But what is so awful about the accumulated experience of life?

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Routine.. The Necessary Devil In Our Life!

The next morning I came out the victor and the battle ended as I looked forward to waking up to the newly discovered face of life and a bright start of the day.

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