Munmun Mukherjee

Munmun is an author by passion who authored five books including one Bengali Novel, Mayasm, and was honored and awarded by the Asian Academy of Arts & International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry as one of the selected 25 Female Poets across India for the poetry anthology, Kahi Ankahi. By profession, she is an Instructional Designer. A Blogger, who is skilled in Fiction Writing & Feature Writing (Both in English and Bengali). She believes that; each person's life is a compendium of different anecdotes. She owes to both the positive and negative experiences that have sculpted her into who she is today. She enjoys every role as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, author, Instructional Designer, and of course, as a Human Being.

Voice of Munmun Mukherjee

I Chose The Children With Me, Over The Child I was Yet To Meet…

In this intriguing account, a mother has to make a difficult decision, when it comes to one of her children. Read on to learn more!

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OMG! What Have You Done With Your Hair?

That one haircut that changes all your perception about yourself, and sometimes comes from a disaster - a hilarious personal story.

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Acceptance: The Secret To Good Parenting In A Gender Biased Society

Raising a child in a gender biased society is not easy. But, acceptance can certainly see you through and help raise confident and self-assured kids.

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“You’re A Mom, What More Do You Want?” But What About MY Identity?

This process not only snatched away my 13 years but also made me older, yet with no experience to join in any job or not eligible to pursue my higher education anymore.

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Love… That Aches

His touch gave Antara a quiver. But, she had managed to handle it like a pro though.

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My Turn To Live My Life In Colours

I have discovered that life is art. I am living mine in colours. What about you?

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I Love You Just The Way You Are, My Zindagi! There’s So Much That Is Good About You

A woman speaks to her own life, giving it a face and name, calling it Zindagi, and writing it a love letter - a letter full of gratitude for whatever was hers.

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