Love… That Aches

His touch gave Antara a quiver. But, she had managed to handle it like a pro though.

“Hello! I got this number from Ola booking. How long will you take to reach my location?”

“Sir, I am waiting at your entrance gate. Please, let me know your flat number.”

“It’s C-8010. I am coming down.”

Anand disconnected the call, took a final check as he was going out. Everything seemed perfect. Antara never missed a single thing whilst packing his luggage, he knew this. Just before going out he stepped back, caressed Antara fondly and drew a passionate kiss on her lips. His touch gave Antara a quiver. But, she had managed to handle it like a pro though.

“Ahh! What a relief!”

Antara had already planned her days; her own few days without the anger, curse, scream, stress, howl, ignorance as well as Anand around her. She was about to close the door while wearing a satisfied smile on her face. Just then she saw, Nidhi, her next-door neighbour staring at her.

“Good Morning!” Antara smiled cheerfully.

Nidhi smiled back, “Good Morning! Is your husband going outstation?”

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“Yeah! Office tour,” said Antara at once. She appeared lost trying to mask the enthusiasm she felt. At this time, she did not want to have any further conversation with her neighbour.

Nidhi could not read Antara’s mind. “Husbands never show love towards their wives. You are one of the few lucky champs. God bless!”, Nidhi said.

Antara was searching for the right words of gratitude while wearing a fake smile on her face. She, at last, got a reasonable chance to escape as her mobile started ringing somewhere inside, “Excuse me!”

“Sure, please carry on!” Nidhi sighed.


What a sparkling word! The fragrance of this four letter word had once turned the toughest tomboy, Antara, into the most romantic girl; who did not give a second thought while leaving her friends, family, relatives, well-wishers, even her dream career far away for love. Love was merely not a word; it was her trust, her innocence, her tolerance, her patience, her sacrifice, and so on. And now…!

Her heart ached, her eyes got a piercing sensation, her breath took a pause, and her hands abruptly reached for her forehead.


It was neither the smite nor the swelling that maimed. It was the male chauvinism and typical patriarchy that wrecked Antara’s love, trust, innocence, tolerance, patience, dreams, motivation as well as her one and only life.


“Anand Calling;” her mobile screen was blinking on and off. She had picked up the mobile from the bed, put the power off, removed the battery, and thrown it against the wall, before crashing down on her bed, trying to console her own soul with a self-hug.

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