My Turn To Live My Life In Colours

I have discovered that life is art. I am living mine in colours. What about you?

Yes! Positivity comes from life experiences.

Most of us are in fact sinking every moment into a self-imposed sadness or negativity. We are searching for positivity in every possible spot around the world sans deep down in our hearts.

Life is a condominium of various experiences.

These experiences sometimes make us tremendously happy and some other times it seems impossible to endure the pain and suffocation. Each time the pain gets severe. The more we suffer the more our hearts and brains replenish with agony and negativity.

Which is that one question that we mostly ask to our destiny? Or to ourselves?

It is: “Why me each and every time?”

I got the answer a year ago. It’s me every time because I am more focused on others’ feelings instead of my own and the power of “letting go” or “taking it easy” is yet to be explored. It’s me because I want to be the perfect wife, perfect daughter in law, perfect mother, perfect homemaker and perfect Me!

Lately, I have realised that “being perfect” or “being a superwoman” is only a myth. Dharmaputra Yudhishthira even could not be the ‘Perfect One.’ So how do I (or others) presume myself to be so?

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It’s true that people around are continuously judging us from their points of view. The parents-in-law are judging, whether I am a good daughter-in-law, not thinking even whether they were the same when they were a daughter/son-in-law or whether they are trying enough being a loving and compassionate in-law. They hardly realize whether they are worth it, whatever they are receiving from my side. This is true for every single relationship too. They do not bother how much we are doing. Rather they are concentrating on what we are not doing! At the end of the day, we start feeling, “I am good for nothing!”

I know; it pulls us to shreds. Therefore we take the oath to be the perfect one from the next time.

No more oaths please!

Yes! I do not try to be the perfect one anymore! And I am not sorry for that. I do try to be more content now. I am more open to giving myself a break, a proper space now. That does not mean I have forgotten my responsibility (ties). Yet! I have marked the Lakshman Rekha for myself and for others too. “This is my wherewithal. If you will wish me to do more than my capacity, no way!”

There was a time I had cursed my destiny for constantly conspiring against my happiness and me. I could not spend a single night without tears. Then again, as the sun rose, I had worn makeup of ‘100% happy’ and then had started making others happy. I was heedful to the world to show my tears.

Now, I know, it’s completely fine to cry your heart out even in front of others. Please do so, if you feel to, for whatsoever minutes, hours, days you want to do. But then it’s you who needs to find out the way to come out from the darkness. You may or may not get an ally or someone to show you the light. You should take the ultimate endeavour for coming out, being positive and choosing your own colour.

I have chosen the colour that depicts life, positivity and coolness. I have chosen the colour GREEN for myself

I have chosen feeling fresh every day despite every failed attempt of the previous day. I have chosen to believe in myself. Believing means not only to trust in my strength but also acknowledging my shortcomings as well as to learn how to transform my weaknesses into my energy. So I have chosen RED too.

Each and every experience in our life leads us to the path of learning. I have deduced that we actually have the choice to decide whether we want to go through the negative experiences. Yet! it’s our choice whether to live in those fateful memories and gradually maim our souls or allow us to take it easy. I have learnt to let go and start afresh in spite of everything. So I have chosen ORANGE.

My learning and realisation have comforted me from within and reassured my felicity. Therefore, YELLOW is my colour now.

A happy soul is affectionate enough to spread happiness through love and care. My affectionate soul has chosen BLUE for me.

I have discovered that life is art. I am living mine in colours. What about you?


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