Mira Saraf

Mira Saraf

Mira Saraf was born in Canada, grew up in New Delhi, and went to a British School half her life, and an American school the other half which has, as a result, made her grammar and spellings decidedly confused. She spent 15 years in the United States and Canada, with a short stint in Italy in between, and returned to India in 2013. She now works in sales and marketing for a family business and lives in Mumbai.

Voice of Mira Saraf

When Puberty Hit Me, I Was Utterly Unprepared, And Apparently I Had No Choice!

Reading this very honest personal account by Mira Saraf about puberty, the first period, and sex ed at school, makes us realise that we've often forgotten our own horror, and the awkwardness we went through.

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dating a controlling man
5 Things You Should NOT Say To Someone Already Battling Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety had been an issue all her life, but it was dating a controlling man that finally pushed her over the brink, and only a clean break helped. A personal account.

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Having Dinner With A Man Does Not Mean I Have Said Yes To Sex!

As an independent, working woman in a civilised society, I expect to feel safe when I go out with a man. I don't have to justify WHY I don't want to have sex.

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I Am Tired Of Being In A Relationship With Toxic Men Who Play Games

A stirring account of how a woman is tired of being in relationship with the 'wrong men'. 

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setting up home
A Single Woman’s Domestic (Mis)Adventures, Setting Up Home In India

Setting up a home in Mumbai, this single woman discovers the obstacles of jugaad and Indian Stretchable Time. A hilarious narrative.

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shamed for my body
I Was Bullied At School For How I Looked, And It Left Me Feeling Deeply Shamed And Frightened

I was shamed for my body as a painfully awkward teen, and it took me a long while to climb out of the dark place it pushed me into. Here's my story.

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