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A writer, who writes for a cause. Deeply committed to raising awareness and advocating for critical social issues, aiming to inspire action and positive change through my work. Whether it's through thought-provoking articles or persuasive content, I believe words have the power to change minds and make a difference.

Voice of Mehar Juneja

Gender-based cyber bullying and the need for inclusivity
Gender Based Cyber Bullying?

This is a personal account of a woman, who was bullied online, only because she was assumed to be a guy. Before someone is quick to judge me that I am belittling the experiences of cyber-bullying that women face, I wish to clarify, in no way I am doing so because I have faced it […]

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Why Procreation Isn’t Necessary For The Survival Of The Human Race

Why do humans spend so much time and energy on procreation/reproduction when it isn't necessary for their survival?

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Let’s Not Contaminate Feminism!

Why do we need to categorise feminism into two? Is it authentic or bogus? Is she a genuine feminist or a pseudo feminist? Sounds familiar, right!?

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When Politicians From Both Sides Consider A Woman Just A ‘Viable’ Baby Making Machine

When will men, especially men in power, stop thinking of women just as baby making machines that can uphold a patriarchy that benefits only men?

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Legalising Abortion Will Empower Women And Give Them The Bodily Autonomy They Deserve!

Whether a woman wants to carry a foetus or not, is her choice. Making abortion illegal only takes away that right from her!

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