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When Politicians From Both Sides Consider A Woman Just A ‘Viable’ Baby Making Machine

Posted: January 17, 2021

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When will men, especially men in power, stop thinking of women just as baby making machines that can uphold a patriarchy that benefits only men?

In a downright regressive comment, Madhya Pradesh CM Sajjan Singh Verma stirred a controversy with his remark on a woman’s minimum age for marriage that has been proposed to be increased from 18 to 21 years by Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

According to Congress leader Sajjan Singh Verma “A girl is ready for reproduction at the age of 15 so on what basis does girls’ marriage age should be increased to 21 from 18.” Verma had said this while questioning the ‘logic behind 21 years’ as the legal marriage age for girls as suggested by the CM.

Bureaucrats said that Chief Minister Chouhan had “raised a serious issue but Congress’ mentality has been exposed”. Assumimg the proposal to have been opposed due to hate political motives, this controversy highlights more than just party-political contentions.

Women equated to just a womb

This statement by Verma conveniently foregrounds the pathetic mentality which feeds the everyday sexism that women face.

Digging deep into this assertion, calling out this proposal by arguing only on the basis of ‘reproductive maturity’ of girls is a clear-cut indication of the psyche of most people in our country, who consider a woman just someone who is made for creating babies.

The thought itself is sordid and disgraceful.

It minimises a woman’s capabilities and limits her to just an object to copulate and procreate. It denies women their humanity, and everything they capable of and duly deserve for. A mindset that looks only for the ‘utility’ of women.

Is that all that these people think a woman is capable of?

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