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Malini Agarwal a.k.a MissMalini is the Founder & Creative Director of MissMalini Entertainment, a leading media lifestyle brand that creates highly engaging, multi-platform content geared towards India's Internet Generation. Malini is India's first and most famous Digital Influencer, having pioneered Indian lifestyle blogging with her website in 2008. Today MissMalini Entertainment content reaches 30 million people a month every across their owned channels, with over 10 million direct social media followers. Malini released her first book, To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way To Bollywood with reputed publishing house HarperCollins in January 2018, which peaked at #3 Non-Fiction (and #8 overall) on the India Top 10 Bestseller List. Malini’s passion and efforts are now spent using her reach and influencer to launch social initiatives that facilitate cultural change. Most prominent of these is her invite-only & Facebook group exclusively for women called ‘Malini’s Girl Tribe’, a supportive community of 25,000 women, as well as her Positive Masculinity community, a co-ed group for all to discuss the way towards a more socially progressive and world. By creating safe spaces for women, a myriad of topics and modern issues are discussed openly every day. Women are able to support each other, help each other, and have meaningful connections every day. The Girl Tribe also gave rise to a web-series featuring such distinguished guests as Rega Jha, Adhuna Bhabani, Mallika Dua, Sonali Bendre Behl, Anjali Lama, Trisha Shetty, and Dia Mirza, covering topics ranging from oppressive beauty standards and gender expectations to raising compassionate children, fighting sexual abuse, and more.

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