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Mother, writer, foodie, margarita lover, Lavanya is the exception to the rule that women are multi-taskers. She loves travelling and the top spot on her 'must-visit' list goes to the Irish West Countries. She loves vampire stories, period fiction, detective stories and a good old-fashioned slasher.

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career in data science
How Do I Build A Career In Data Science As An Indian Woman?

You don't need expensive degrees to become a data scientist, and there are many routes to a career in data science as a woman in India.

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jobs in gaming
Jobs In Gaming For Indian Women – All You Should Know!

Are you a interested in computers and gaming, love numbers, and want to create something? You might want to look for jobs in gaming!

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My Bootcamp Fitness Experience: Go Big Or Go Home!

Bootcamps are for the doers, the ones who either go big or go home. Here is an interesting account by a bootcamper herself!

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Miles To Run Before I Sleep [Book Review]

Sumedha Mahajan's book, Miles To Run Before I Sleep is an account of how she took to running and ended up running 1500 kms from New Delhi to Mumbai!

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What to cook and eat during pregnancy
What To Cook And Eat During Pregnancy, When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking!

A wholesome Diet During Pregnancy is essential to help you sail through this phase smoothly. Your diet for a healthy pregnancy should include these 5 easy and healthy recipes certainly!

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Your Grandma Is Right : Of Fat And Diet Fads

Should we trust diet fads that change every other day? Should we really stay away from fats? This post (and your grandma) has the answers!

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Midnight feasts and chocolate brownies
The Unbeatable Combination Of Midnight Feasts & Chocolate Brownies

Why is a midnight feast so much more pleasurable than just the food? The anatomy of midnight feasts + a recipe for my best midnight snack - a chocolate brownie.

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Easy millet recipe
Eat Local: Why You Should Embrace The Humble Millet

In India, we have a wealth of gut-friendly, earth-friendly millets. Here's a millet based Tabouleh recipe to get you started.

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Leftover for snacks
Let’s Talk Leftovers

Using leftovers for the kids’ snack time (or yours) is a great way to waste less food plus spend less time in the kitchen!

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how to make lunch boxes interesting
Lunch Boxes: Are They Worth The Headache?

School lunch boxes cause parents so much stress! What does a child really want? Tips on how to make lunch boxes interesting, and a recipe!

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Let a girl be herself
Can A Girl Be Herself?

Why can't an Indian girl be herself? Why does every girl have to be a good Indian girl?

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My Top 5 Cookbook Picks

Good cookbooks are a treat to the senses as well as a lifeline at desperate times! A list of some great cookbooks for all seasons.

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My Top 5 Kitchen Gadget Picks

Can one have too many gadgets in the kitchen? Our food columnist Lavanya picks her 5 kitchen essentials.

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Of Cakes And Christmas

Once a silent affair in most parts of India, now Christmas is celebrated joyfully by many – with cakes, carols et al!

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Festivals, Feasts And Foodies

Time for fireworks, festivities, family and fun! A look at the regional and seasonal variations in our festive menus and a recipe to soothe your stomach. By Lavanya Donthamshetty We are in the thick of festival season in India right now – the 9-days long Navratri/Dusshera is in full swing and the mother of all festivals, […]

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Medicine In Your Backyard

A lush herb garden easily adds a touch of brightness – both to your home and to your health! By Lavanya Donthamshetty Any idea what a ‘perandai‘ (edible stemmed vine) is? Can you differentiate between ‘kandanthippili‘ (Long pepper in English, Tippali in Hindi) and a regular twig? Three weeks ago, I signed up for a cookery […]

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Say No To Copy-Paste Diet Plans

There is no one ‘best diet plan’. How to choose a healthy diet plan that suits you - and a delicious paneer recipe!

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Three Breakfast Options For Champions

There are as many cliches on the subject of breakfast as breakfast recipes, but this meal still gets less attention than it deserves.

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Good Food Makes Good Picnics!

Can a picnic be complete without a delicious, yet simple picnic basket? Here’s your guide to putting together an easy picnic lunch.

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Eggs: How Do I Cook Thee?

Poached eggs for breakfast, egg curry for lunch and chocolate mousse for dessert - there’s an egg recipe for every occasion here!

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Three Healthy Cooking Methods To Explore

If you’re always pressure-cooking or sauteing, consider these additional healthy cooking methods to add variety to your menu.

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Cooking With Junior

Cooking with kids made fun with an easy pancake recipe! What recipes for kids do you have that work?

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Love, Food & Some Love-Foods

A sure-fire Chocolate Mousse recipe plus a ready reckoner on aphrodisiacs or ‘love foods’ - in time for Valentine’s Day

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A Brinjal Recipe: From Loathing To Love

Brinjal recipes don't find takers among many, but here is a ratatouille recipe - which will solve the dilemma of how to make brinjal tasty!

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Detoxify Your Body!

The festive season in India is synonymous with heavy and rich foods leading to over-indulgence. Here’s help to detoxify your body!

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Lunch box recipes for Indian moms
5 Kiddie Lunch Box Ideas For Indian Moms

Health and nutrition is a major concern for many Indian moms when packing their kids’ lunches. 5 super lunch box ideas!

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