Karthika S Nair

I am a journalist with a feminist voice. Hope to be a novelist or a screenwriter. I am a movie geek, bibliophile, blogger and nature lover.

Voice of Karthika S Nair

The Myth of Gender Equality: Just How Far Do We Need To Go To Achieve It?

Is gender equality still a myth or are we on the track to tackle the elephant in the room that is feminism? A journalist writes about her observations.

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Can People Stop Glamouring Violence Against Women, Even If It’s ‘Just For Tiktok’?

A recent Tiktok video showed a man 'punishing' a woman for ending a relationship - perpetuating the belief that rebellious women need to be 'shown their place'.

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How to manage period cramps
5 Lifestyle Tips To Deal Better With Period Cramps

Here are 5 practical tips to help you deal better with dysmenorrhea - the menstrual cramping that afflicts many women.

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Rage Against The Machine: Don’t Stop And Stare

What happens when we just stop and stare? A photo goes viral before a victim gets help, says this introspective post.

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Silencing Preity Zinta: Is Standing Up For Yourself A Crime?

What happens to a woman who stands up for herself? Is she supported and heard out? Or is she silenced and criticised? This insightful post takes a look.

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Women living with fear
My Story: How Long Will Women In India Live A Life Of Fear?

An encounter in an isolated area leaves the writer contemplating how precarious is the safety net for most women, and how common the victim-blaming.

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The effects of domestic violence
A family In The Dark: The Vicious Effects Of Domestic Violence

When a child is brought up in an environment of abuse, what impact does it have on a young mind? The effects of domestic violence can be vicious and long-running.

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