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I am an IAS officer from UP cadre, having extreme passion for improving women's health. I am an OBGYN specialist and have MS Global health as my educational qualification. I do my best to make people's life better around me. Love to travel, read and exploring new cultures, I am a woman of substance!

Voice of k kajal

In Our Aspirations, We Find Our Opportunity…..

Her whole life has been a harsh reality of our society where gender disparity in decision making for marriage, education or having kids is brutally visible.

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Seek To Be A Whole Woman, Not The Perfect Wife Or Daughter

The Indian woman is always taught that all the roles she plays will make her whole, but what about her self? Why is encouraged to forget her own needs?

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Why Are Women In Top Leadership Positions Tested And Doubted So Much?

Why are women in top leadership positions tested and doubted? While it is annoying, this author refuses to stop leaning in - for the sake of generations to come.

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