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Recent Trolling Of Sunny Leone For Family Pic Shows OUR Discomfort With Bold, Unapologetic Women

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Sunny Leone trolled recently for a family photo posted online shows how people have a problem with strong, unapologetic women who want to lead lives on their own terms!

Ever since Sunny Leone entered Bollywood, she has been trolled and abused for her past career in the porn industry. However, that has in no way led to a decline in her popularity in Bollywood, because let’s face it, the same people who shame her in public are probably the first ones to watch her movies the minute they release in theaters!

Sunny has been trolled time and again!

Hence, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that people have again trolled her for a family photo that her husband posted on Instagram. The sad thing is that, this was a photo posted to celebrate Father’s Day where Sunny and her husband, Daniel Webber are seen with their adoptive daughter, Nisha Kaur.

The issue? Well, it appears as if Sunny is topless in the photo even though it is extremely aesthetically shot and there’s not a hint of vulgarity in it. But when has that ever stopped trolls?

From asking her whether she wants her daughter to follow her footsteps and join the porn industry to questioning her life choices, the trolls didn’t spare hurling any abuses at her.

Sunny is a brave woman who has made life choices that might make many people uncomfortable. But it’s her life! She has every right to lead it the way she deems fit. She is not apologetic about having been a porn star. In fact, she stands by all the choices she made in her life.

Who are we to judge her?

Why are we so afraid of women who don’t give a damn to society and make their own choices without regret?

Why doesn’t she deserve respect for standing by her choices?

 Her being a pornstar does not give you the license to do ‘value-judgement’ !

Now that Sunny is a mother of three children it seems like a section of people have lost their sleep thinking what kind of mother she will make! She has come under scrutiny even more after her motherhood. As long as she is a loving and caring mother and is not abusive towards her children, you have no business in passing judgement.

Also, stop asking her to go back to the porn industry and leave Bollywood. Sunny Leone is in Bollywood because there’s a demand for her movies. If that was not the case, trust me, the industry itself would have forced her out.

Finally, this is not the first time that a family has posted such a photo on social media. After all, there’s no nudity on display at all. I wonder why is it that Sunny Leone gets so much of hatred for a photo that might not have raised any questions had it been posted by any other celebrity? Is it just because she used to be a porn star that make people react so viciously?

She is successful and she is unapologetic. Deal with it! She doesn’t need to take your abuse just because she is a woman. She has all the rights to make her life choices just like you do. Understand this, and give her the respect she deserves.

Photo Source: Instagram/Daniel Webber

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