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Some Even Can’t See The Stars In The Darkness

The invisible many have been willfully ignored, but when we do start noticing, they never leave out thoughts, questioning our standards of "empathy." 

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Menstrual Cup, The New Taboo; Everything Women Need To Know About The Menstrual Cup

Menstruation has long been a topic of taboo and the advent of menstrual cups, an eco-friendly alternative has re-ignited debates over the "cup."

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Do Women Just Hold The Value Of A Toy In The Red Room, To Await Mr. Grey’s Pleasure?

When women are seen as just toys for men's pleasure, where does 'love' enter the picture?

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Are Women Really Treated Equally

Egalitarian equality can only be achieved when besides the law or the statute the men of our country become more responsible and sensitive by keeping aside the male ego and wrong intentions towards women.

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