Do Women Just Hold The Value Of A Toy In The Red Room, To Await Mr. Grey’s Pleasure?

When women are seen as just toys for men's pleasure, where does 'love' enter the picture?

When women are seen as just toys for men’s pleasure, where does ‘love’ enter the picture?

My question to all the Indian men out there, is whether they actually fall in love with a woman, or they are just adding a new toy to their red room collection?

The aforesaid question sounds so savage, barbaric, vile and what not, but to be honest Indian men have actually proved my question to be a valid one – not on the grounds of mere intentions but by providing the statistical proof of their sinful wrong doing with their partners (or non-partners) in the darkness of the night.

Trigger warning: This post contains details of sexual violence which may be triggering to survivors.

Sexual violence is more common than you think

According to some studies, 24% of Indian men have committed sexual violence at some point in their lives; 20% forced their partners to have sex with them, while 60-75% Indian men have had sex with their partners after fighting with them because they think sex is the solution to all the problems.

Strange, isn’t? I think that Indian men seriously need to work on their IQ and communication skills rather than love making. Many don’t believe in love making but effing like Mr Grey (of 50 Shades fame); the worst part with many Indian men is that they even don’t understand the warning signs; red, purple, yellow! Mr. Grey was a concupiscent but still respected the stop signs. STOP, means STOP!

Its a crime, not ‘love’

Almost 31% of the Indian women have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence from their spouses. Many Indian women have to regularly go through the process of such ‘forceful love making’ a.k.a rape by the person they are meant to love and the opposite party claims, that the forceful love making is the foundation of their relationship. Do the above sentences make any sense?

Just by skimming through the sentences they feel so senseless and unethical. To be honest, all the above statements make no sense and are absolutely unethical, when they are written or communicated openly in public but behind the walls and shut doors, these statements followed by the marital rape are the foundation of many a so-called relationship.

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Men need better standards

I think these men have found all the ways to justify themselves without feeling cringe-worthy. Many of these so-called relationships end at the hospital and then court via jail. According to the above hypothesis, where is love then? Was that love or exploitation? What is the definition of love according to these Indian men?

The Vedic lore and stories enjoin men to protect women by using their might and respect them as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives but in today’s age and time where men have totally lost their conscience, they have objectified women, treated them brutally; physically, mentally and emotionally just to satisfy their ego and to feel a sense of glory by exploiting the vulnerable, the ones they love, but the question still remains the same; where is love?

I would urge all my sisters to not get fooled in the name of love because according to the above stats, only a small percentage of Indian men are fair to us. The rest don’t know the meaning of: ‘Stop, it’s hurting’ or ‘Stop, I am on my period’, or any stop words like ‘RED, PURPLE, BLUE’. Until the time they don’t see actual ‘red’ blood dripping, leaving a woman close to death, they won’t stop!

To all the men out there, I just have one last question; where is love?

Image source: Pexels

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