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marital rape
marital rape
Millions Of Indian Women Silently Suffer Marital Rape Every Day; Stop This Travesty Already!

What use is all this jingoism over 'independence' and freedom if marital rape is still not recognised as a crime, and millions of married women face this silently in their own homes?

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Her Life Turned Upside Down After Her Husband Tried To Rape Her…

Now that she is thinking about it, she is confused. Was she not loud and clear in conveying her reluctance, or was he too drunk to hear?

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It’s Not Abuse If Your Husband Is The One That Hurts You!
Still from the movie Arjun Reddy

What do you do when your abuser is your own husband? And you have to prove to society, time and again, that yes, it was abuse?

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Marital Rape Dehumanizes Wives In The Name Of ‘Tradition’; Why Must We Live With It?

Marriage isn't a a licence for sex, no matter what your 'tradition' says. A woman's bodily autonomy needs to be respected. Criminalise marital rape.

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Married To A Legal Rapist Until Death (Or The Law) Do Us Apart
marital rape

Marital rape is still not a crime in India, kept intact so that a husband's patriarchal 'right' over a wife remains. Time it goes.

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The Series Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors Raises Questions Which Shouldn’t Be Ignored
Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, a web series which raises important questions about consent and abuse, needs to be applauded for its efforts despite its shortcomings.

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