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marital rape
6 Cruel Beliefs Indian Men Express Even As Our Law Still Refuses To Criminalise Marital Rape

What is it that allows for a society to completely refuse autonomy of bodily rights for adults (read women)- again and again, even in the post Nirbhaya, post MeToo, 'awake' India?

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Is Rape Just ‘Trespass’ Instead Of Criminal Violation Of A Woman, Even If In A Marriage?

Sexual force within marriage is seen as husband’s way of 'punishing' his wife who is not fulfilling her marital obligation. And thus, behind all the excuses, it is the cultural conditioning that destroys the credibility of victim of marital rape.

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The Exceptionally Curious Case Of Marital Rape Where Trauma Is Considered ‘Sacred’
marital rape verdict

Women in India enter into the institution of marriage not with any guarantee but just some faith, and any man who has a healthy and safe relationship with his wife would understand the gravity of the situation and welcome such a law.

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When Ramia Finally Realised What She Must Write In Her Letter To Babasaheb Ambedkar…

“Shushh child. Don’t call it rape, in marriage there is no rape. A husband cannot rob his wife’s izzat. There is no law that punishes a husband for demanding what is rightfully theirs." She had said enough.

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With Karnataka HC’s Recent Observation On Marital Rape, Is It Time We Redefine Marriage?

Yes, there are chances that a man may end up with a woman who lies, just as there are endless chances a woman may end up with a man who rapes her.

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Husbands Do Not Get A License To Be Brutal Sexual Abusers To Their Wives!
Karnataka HC verdict on marital rape

This judgment is a tight slap on all the 'beasts' who feel that just because they have found a woman who is committed to them, they can scar every fiber of her being.

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