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Politics In Your Bed

Just because a man has married you, does not mean he has a right to sex when you do not want it. It is not his entitlement.

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The Alarming Reality Of Marital Rape In India According To Recent NFHS Data

After the May 2022 split verdict on marital rape by the Delhi High Court, the case has gone to the Supreme Court, which will hear it on 21st March 2023.

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Why Are So Many Indian Men Outraged About Criminalising Marital Rape?

That a man somehow has a right to the body of a woman whenever he wants just because he is the 'husband' is a heinous idea that should have been discarded long ago!

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Who Asks For Consent Of Wife To Make Her Pregnant? She Didn’t Want It So I Did ‘Dhappa’!

We need to speak of marital rapes not just because they are sexual violence, but also because of the unwanted pregnancy forced on a women.

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‘Owned’ By Husbands Behind The Closed Doors Of Marriage, Are Women Ever Safe?

If a wife says “No” to any sexual act, the husband experiences feelings of rage, anger, rejection, and frustration, because he has grown up feeling entitled, and was never prepared to handle any rejection.

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As A Teenage Bride Of A Man Over 30, Life Is Now A Nightmare!

I gave my 12th boards and got really good marks. On the day of my result, everyone was congratulating me and suddenly my phone beeped. It was him.

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