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Politics In Your Bed

Just because a man has married you, does not mean he has a right to sex when you do not want it. It is not his entitlement.

Trigger Warning: This deals with breach of consent, domestic violence and marital rape, and may be triggering for survivors.

Sometimes you do not want to do it,

But he does it anyway,

And it makes you think about the

Politics in your bed.

You are with the love of your life,

In yellow lights and

You do not want to be touched.

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This simple phenomenon,

Is something he never gets.

And you want to be protected,

From the one who promised you in front of all,

To protect you.

He touches you in the name of love,

And it feels like a thousand insects

Running all over your being.

You lay there, just a body

While the soul screams.

He chases pleasure in your fake orgasms

And like a soldier without weapons,

You wonder about

The politics in your bed.

As his beast awakens,

He pushes your head down,

He travels all over you

As if it’s a land he conquered,

And it lights the volcano in you.

You want to scratch his body with your nails,

And bite him till he bleeds,

And kick him where he least expects.

And take a sword to behead him.

You want to scream,

Why is this, his pleasure,

Your pain?


Something he doesn’t understand.

Even in the safest corner of the world,

His arms,

You end up thinking of human rights.

A woman’s endless fights.

Absence of saviours and dark knights.

In your bed,

Constitutional rights and justice,

Get buried in white linen bed sheets.

Women helplines,

Silenced, like his conscience.

Isn’t this unfair trade?

You envy those prostitutes,

Who are willing and

At least get paid.

More than his weight,

You feel the weight of being a woman.

With his clothes, he takes off his facade

Of being a gentleman.

Chivalry sets with the sun.

His patriarchy lays naked.

A man, is after all, a man.

When he gets done,

He sleeps.

And you are scared for life.

You become unrepairable.

A woman doesn’t have to go far,

She experiences hell,

Exactly in the “protector’s” arms.

In this dark film,

You are always the supporting character,

Never the lead.

Villains and heroes–they are all the same,

This power play in your bed,

Is misled.

You are obligated, you object of pleasure,

For long, this misogyny they have fed.

Oh! Woman, this is our fight.

Let’s unite.

The tears are shed,

Now let’s address,

The politics in your bed.

Image Source: YouTube/ Anamika, Pocket Films

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