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marital rape
No Means No, Always – We Need To Criminalise Marital Rape Now!

Marital rape is still not a criminal offence in India and a number of women suffer due to it. DOn't you think it's time it was criminalised?

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For Her, Laughter Could Be Got Only At The Steep Price Of Submitting To Her Husband

A few thrusts and grunts later, he rolled off her and drifted off to sleep. Laila adjusted her negligee and started counting imaginary stars in her ceiling.

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Marital Rapes Will Continue Until Indian Women Can Say NO To A Husband Without Consequences
marital rape

Marital rape is about more than just physical violation of a wife by a husband. There are layers of emotional trauma that it comes wrapped in.

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Do Women Just Hold The Value Of A Toy In The Red Room, To Await Mr. Grey’s Pleasure?

When women are seen as just toys for men's pleasure, where does 'love' enter the picture?

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Why Netflix Series Unorthodox Will Resonate With Every Indian Woman In An Arranged Marriage
Netflix series Unorthodox

An arranged marriage, marital issues, sexual ignorance, and so much more - Netflix series Unorthodox tells a story many Indian women know well.

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Why Are Most Indians And Indian Laws Still So Confused About Marital Rapes?

Once married, men think they don't need to ask consent from their wives to have sex. Why are we still so confused about women's rights over their bodies?

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