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A Marriage Made in Hell.. But There Is Always Hope!

On seeing their daughter in such a dreadful situation, they were worried.  Her mother took her into confidence and asked her to trust her. 

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salary hike
“Her Husband’s Onsite… She Doesn’t Need A Salary Hike!” Huh? Isn’t My Salary For My Work?

An employee’s salary hike should depend upon their work and effort, right? Then why did this woman’s boss decide that she didn’t ‘need’ a hike because her husband was posted onsite? Is her salary just an optional ‘add-on?

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Life Is Great Even After A Heart Break

Heartbreaks make you stronger, better and prepares you to take on challenges, be what may!

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Husband’s Onsite Trip – A Blessing In Disguise

Meera just couldn’t even think of doing anything on her own except going to her job.

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