Life Is Great Even After A Heart Break

Heartbreaks make you stronger, better and prepares you to take on challenges, be what may!

You came, you promised,

You loved, you cared

You called, you talked,

Holding hands, in the woods, we walked.


We talked for hours and hours

Bathing in the love showers

And then your pretention stops,

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Belittling me with your bitter vox


Your comments were like arrows in the heart

With an aim, right  in the center of the dart


As you said ,” Look at your eyes, look at yourself for a while;

Check your dress, you have no style

Look at your skin, oh it’s so dark! ,

and my phone bills now get charged”


I was in tears ,depressed completely

Staying alone from friends and family

Now how do I get the friends I left for you

What about the books that were hoarded for you


Staying aloof was not my nature

But without you I felt like a failure


You had no fear you had no guilt

“We can still be friends” was your hint


I was deeply down, totally wretched

Blaming myself, for what all I had fetched

I had no answers and he was already gone

The pain was hard but life was long


Swimming in the pain was no choice

I got up and took a drink with some ice

Picked up life again which is full of fun

Now am a new person, as if I had won.


Want to thank you today for this new life

For all the comments and the strife

As they were what I had to improve on

And made me better and smarter full on


Confessing that I still cherish the days together…

Still make me smile when the memories gather

You made me understand the feeling of love,

You made me understand the meaning of love


This is a big shout out to all the women out there


Things will happen, hearts will break

Count your blessings and give damn to the fake

Your wounds will become your friends

Will give you the power which the world commends


Compliment, affirm and embrace yourself in the mirror

For the designer piece that God has created, without any error


So Enjoy the Sunshine, Enjoy the Break!!!

For Life is Love, Love is Life


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