A Marriage Made in Hell.. But There Is Always Hope!

On seeing their daughter in such a dreadful situation, they were worried.  Her mother took her into confidence and asked her to trust her. 

Simmy is a 20-year-old beautiful girl. She has done her graduation and now learning to cook from her mother.  Hailing from a small town in Madhya Pradesh and being born and brought up in a conservative family, she is expected to be and is a quiet girl with no decision making power in her hand.

Simmy’s family has already started sharing her bio-data to matrimonials.  Many proposals have started flowing in when one of her relatives brings a proposal from one of her knowns. “Sanjay” was well settled, had a business and was the only son of her parents.  Very well off with land, house and cars he promises to give Simmy a better life. What else does one want? According to her parents, this was the perfect boy and family for their daughter. Well! What does Simmy think? Who cares? Moreover, is Simmy smart enough to decide what’s good for her?  She also likes the guy and is happy on how her life is progressing.

So finally Simmy gets married to Sanjay on a pious date.  After all the rituals, it’s now time for the bride and groom to enjoy their first night together. Till now they have just spoken over the phone. No meeting during the courtship period. The bride is sitting and waiting for her husband to come soon. But he is not there. He is sitting with his friends for drinks ignorant about his wife waiting for him. Its midnight when a drunkard Sanjay enters the room. He comes and sits near his newly wedded wife.  Asks her how she is. She is shy and just nods her head to acknowledge. However, Simmy is startled by what she sees next. The man has a candle and a matchbox in his hand. He has a witty smile on his face as if he is about to try something really exciting.

Slowly he comes closer and lights the candle in his hand. Takes Simmy’s hand in his hand and in a blink of an eye, drops the melted wax from the candle to her palm. ‘Aah! she cries”. But he is unperturbed and holds her hand tightly. He drops another drop of the melted wax, now this time on her wrist. “Let’s enjoy” are his words. She is in pain. With the burning sensation of the wax, she wanted to scream. But, as any “Good” Indian girl would do, it was just her tears falling down the cheeks. This continued for a few minutes, and the husband had his exciting first night celebrated with a lot of fun. Simmy could not sleep that night.  Keeping things to herself, she didn’t even discuss it with anyone.

And so, as expected, it was not just the first night excitement, Sanjay’s kinky experiments continued every night with Simmy being the victim. He would not care to talk to her the whole day but no night he would let her sleep. Since this was going for almost a month now, Simmy was now dull and had lost all her glow. However, this gloom on Simmy’s face could not go unnoticed by her mother in law. She spoke to Simmy and asked her about her woes. Simmy tried to ignore and hush up the matter, but could not stay string for too long. Finally, she broke and started crying. She hugged her mother-in-law tight and spilt her heart out. They spoke for hours. While the mother-in-law was empathetic and felt the pain that Simmy was going through, she was helpless. She knew her son and told Simmy about his general behaviour with the family. Sanjay was a very furious person and not a very family guy. His business was also not doing very well. They talked about his drinking habits and girlfriends too. The family had thought that after marriage Sanjay’s habit would change, but all in vain.  So, the mother-in-law suggested her to let things go and talk to Sanjay wherever possible.

2 months passed by. Simmy’s condition was getting worse when her parents visited her. On seeing their daughter in such a dreadful situation, they were worried.  Her mother took her into confidence and asked her to trust her.  Simmy told everything and also that she didn’t plan to come back as society and relatives might raise questions on her return. Thankfully, Simmy’s mother was a  bold and strong lady though not literate. She immediately went and spoke to Sanjay’s family and decided to take her daughter back home.

After a few months, once things were settled down, Simmy applied for a divorce and started studying law herself too.  She wanted to fight for other women like her who were not able to raise their voice.   Sanjay initially resisted but when Simmy’s family threatened with a police complaint he agreed for the divorce. Simmy has completed her law and is a successful lawyer fighting such domestic violence cases. Thinking of her old days still gives her goosebumps but she has learnt to live in the present and is planning for a better future ahead.

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