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Gayatri Prabha Karan

मानव वादी.... लोग नारीवादी कह सकते हैं... क्यूंकि अब भी स्त्री को पुरुष जितना इंसान समझने मे समय लगेगा......

Voice of Gayatri Prabha Karan

To Truly Enjoy Your Financial Freedom, Don’t Just Leave The Money Matters To Men!

Most women, regardless of their education trust their male family members when it comes to finances. Why not do it ourself?

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When The Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Why Am I The ‘Misfit’ Bearing All The Pain?

When the unfit shoe caused me pain, I complained to everyone I knew. So now I had to take charge of my pain all by myself!

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How Does Proposing To A Guy Make A Girl ‘Unsanskaari’ And Mannerless?

The teacher scolded me saying I have stained all our names by proposing to a boy. She said I wasn't a good girl with manners or sanskars.

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I am not

Drowning under societal pressures and gender bias, women's voices often goes unheard. Read further for a poetic articulation of the female silence.

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