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I am not

Posted: September 13, 2020

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Drowning under societal pressures and gender bias, women’s voices often goes unheard. Read further for a poetic articulation of the female silence. 

I Am Not

I am not that hand you see
Working the day long
Not the voice you know
Unheard yet uncomplaining
Not the office you take me
Considering compromising
Not the food served at your table
At the cost of burns
Not the lullaby at the
Unconscious tiring nights
Not the warmth you feel
Under your blanket
Not that custom you know
To satisfy your tastes
Not that laugh when you think
I am enjoying your guests
Your family, your mate
I am nowhere there
Where I can’t be known
Visible, felt, cared and celebrated
If you can’t find me there
It’s for you to seek!


Image Source: Julio Vicente

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