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choose your battles
So Now The Question Is: As A Working Parent Which Battles Do I Choose To Fight?

As a working parent, you need to choose your battles wisely, for we have only so much time in which we need to do everything we want to.

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When We Become Our Own Worst Enemies

Indians worship female goddesses, but Indian women are denied an equal place in society. Do read this story of of 3 friends, and see how we can change that.

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Walking Out Of Our Comfort Zones To Discuss Male Responsibility In Contraception

Why should contraception mostly be a woman's responsibility? Maybe we all need to walk out of our comfort zones and discuss the importance of male responsibility in contraception.

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Why Do Women In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Movies Celebrate Loving The Same Man By Dancing Together? Do Such Women Exist?

Do women as portrayed in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movies truly exist? Isn't it time to bring in the real modern Indian women?

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It’s Okay To Have a Messy Home : What Really Matters Are The People Living In It

It's okay to have a messy home and happy faces rather than a sparklingly clean house and irritated people living in it. Happiness is what matters at the end of the day!

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The Lemon Tree [Short Story]

Priya felt welcomed in her new home at the sight of the lemon tree. Finally, that tree becomes the giver of happiness in her life

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Why Aren’t India’s Daughters Talking?

India is a land of goddesses and daughters. But then, why is it that we, as India's daughters, do not speak and stand up for our safety? What stops us?

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Dont Deny Yourself The Chocolate, Please!

Being fit to meet your health goals is great. Denying yourself the chocolate to meet an arbitrary size goal? Not so much!

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Traveling alone in Paris
Losing Myself In France: My ‘Simran, Jee Le Apni Zindagi’ Trip

A young woman travels around Paris alone; gets lost, misses trains, wanders the city at night, bargains without language - and finds herself.

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The Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

All we hear about pregnancy and motherhood is the gushing about the miracle of life. No one prepares you for the sea of changes pregnancy brings, says this post.

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7 Keys To Making Your Marriage Thrive

In India, love marriages face a lot of judgement and scorn, heaping guilt and tough times upon the couple. Here are 7 keys to making a marriage thrive.

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Saying No To ‘Babuji’ : Raising Fearless Kids

How do you raise a child that is not so afraid of the big, bad world? Start at home, and start talking - says this thoughtful post.

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