Beyond Pink writes on women's stories in urban India. They could be real or fictional, but they are all about what women in modern India think about their partners, their families, their workplace and homes. Beyond Pink goes beyond the rosy hued experiences and beliefs of youth, and brings a small dose of reality to women's representation in Indian society.

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Birthday Present [Short Story]

A fun and romantic short story about a mother whose birthday present brings her more than she expected

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Being Spectacular At 60: Let The Oldies Dance!

Elderly women don't need your pity or disapproval, they need to be able to live wholly and have fun. Let the oldies be themselves, says this post.

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The Anti-Love Jihad : Locking Away Your Daughter’s Hormones

We want our daughters to be strong, independent women, but we restrict them from exploring the world of romance and sex. Why try to lock away your daughter's sexuality? - asks this post.

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Twenty Gun Salute [Short Story]

A busy cancer-fighting doctor worries that her investment banker fiance wants to get married. She doesn't have time for it, does she?

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Valentines day short story
Love In Passing

A single woman, a widow, is encouraged by a friend to sign up for a blind date. What happens? Hope is the theme of this short story for Valentine's Day.

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Women are people too
She’s A Man!

Last week my father was hospitalized. I have no brothers and I’m his primary caregiver. His condition was serious, and things could have taken an ugly turn had I not acted promptly and efficiently. But there was no question of that. To act promptly and efficiently is in the nature of things for me. I’ve […]

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Women don't need protection
Drinking Buddies

Women don't need protection - women's empowerment is about treating us as capable adults who can take care of ourselves.

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Why Indian women need a silence zone
Why Women Need A Silence Zone

Women's lives are a series of interruptions, and Indian women are no exception. Why women need a silence zone.

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We CAN Have It All

Can women "have it all"? Does it always have to be a choice or a compromise? It depends on what you mean by "All".

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Do women fear technology
When And Why Do Women Stop Learning?

Do Indian women fear technology? Indian society encourages women to live in a culture of dependence and outsourcing; it's time to break out.

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Finding Oneself: Why I Took A Sabbatical

For Indian women, finding oneself often means rebelling against what society thinks a woman should do.

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Look Ma, No Drinking

Why is women drinking in India such news, especially in the middle class? Is alcohol consumption bad for women alone?

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Women are goddesses
Bharatiya Nari

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat claims rapes don't happen in Bharat. You mean the Bharat where Indian women are goddesses, right?

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Home goddess
Home Goddess: Why We Need An Economic Revolution For Women

Women may be called "Grihalakshmi", but without the economic empowerment of women, have we really got equality in India?

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grand Indian wedding
The Wedding Myth

It looks like the Grand Indian Wedding is here to stay; have simple weddings with their charm lost out in the quest for an "event"?

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May The Force Be With You

The strength of Indian women often comes through when families are in dire trouble, but society rarely recognizes their role.

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woman and ageing
Nips And Tucks

Does Sridevi in English Vinglish looks her age? Women and ageing still don't seem to go hand in hand!

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