Drinking Buddies

Posted: June 19, 2013

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A well-known director revealed in a chat show with me that her parents raised her to be her own person, and never thought to discriminate between her and her brothers. In fact, she said, her first drink was with her father who encouraged her to be open and responsible with her parents rather than turn her into a rebel. The parents obviously know a thing or two about raising children.

The woman has turned into a celebrity known for making sensible cinema. Her in-laws, she further revealed, still cannot tolerate their son drinking alcohol in their presence, never mind that both they and he are mature professionals. The woman is truly a Beyond Pink woman, independent, empowered and clear about her goals. In my view, she has got there because she never felt the need to ‘hide’ from her parents.

Women don't need protectionWomen aren’t dainty pieces of china to be handled with extreme caution, or ticking bombs, to be kept at a wary distance. Of course they know that, but does everyone else around them? There is really no need to cocoon them from the ‘ills’ of the world. Their maturity in handling any situation that challenges their sensibilities is the same, if not higher, than of men. Allow them the use of the faculties, and see what a difference they make to their environment. Restrict them and enforce patriarchal values and watch them turn into perfect viragos.

Here one isn’t talking about tolerance. Tolerance implies kindness, indulgence, patronage. Tolerance is a negation of negativity, it is the twilight zone of neutrality. Tolerance at best creates wallflowers, women who are happy to be ignored and will, therefore, perpetuate the canard that a woman must be seen and not heard.

In fact, women must be encouraged from childhood to be open, and honest and courageous, to speak their minds, to act with boldness, to meet challenges head on. If in childhood, their personality is shaped to be honest, then that’s the face they’ll present to themselves and the rest of the world. Imagine the excitement and relief of having millions of honest people in this world, people who say exactly what they believe without the need for obfuscation.

So out with the ‘don’t laugh too much, don’t eat too much, don’t drink too much, don’t sleep around too much’ and in with the ‘be yourself, be sensible, be good, be happy’. The women such an attitude will create will build a world of creativity, of declaring that they can do anything, take up the toughest challenges, mould society to their demands. Wouldn’t we all like to live in such a world?

Pic credit: bljh (Used under a Creative Commons license)

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  1. I was born and brought up by a set of parents who always remained unbiased to the extent that their leaning was more towards my elder sister than me. (I am a guy BTW). She enjoyed more freedom than I did. In front of me my sister was treated in a way such that I always saw her in a parental hierarchy and never dared to disobey her. I wish every family in India be like my parents.

    Coming to the boozing aspect,well I belong to a middle class family where boozing and going to brothel are considered at par. So, sorry, can’t accept your dream of a world where parents train their kids to booze with them in the same spirit. By the way, shouldn’t not talking aloud and not over eating be inculcated in children irrespective of their gender? And what do you mean by sleeping around?

  2. Cheers!! That’s the first word which comes to my mind after reading ur article. However I could add a few more do’s n don’ts which we faced while growing up – Cover ur undergarments while leaving them on line to dry, Don’t leave ur razor in the bathroom, ur brother might see it, Keep the packet of sanitary napkins in a black polythene bag, Don’t stand in front of the mirror for too long……. and the list goes on.

  3. The fact that we can talk openly about such things in these kind of forums is a step in the right direction.

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