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Entangled in balls of yarn; origins unknown...With a blunt pencil, the quintessential machine and the cacophony; hope to knit a flying carpet and steer the magic carpet around… Yours truly, Slave Of Words

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Pakistan Captain Was Trolled For Wearing Ethnic Formals To Meet The Queen – Colonial Hangover Much?

Why're we still kowtowing to our colonial hangover of considering the suit-and-boots the only acceptable 'formal' dress?

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Act 3 – Gurgaon.. A City Resonates With Me Completely

Gurgaon is a process, not a destination. You have to live her, to feel her.

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#Trashtag Challenge

My mother who never snipped the milk packets into two parts and my grandmother who never junked anything, are the real household heroes for me.

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Celebrate But Don’t Escalate

As Indians, let us not pick on small battles because that is what the enemy wants us to do – to break our unity and defeat us.

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Dhoni is Captain Cool for sure. Only if we could have more like him around us; the walk down the road could be a pleasure.  I wish for more men like him. Men who don’t make their mothers and sisters cringe miles away. News went viral when the Indian ace cricketer stated that, “I don’t […]

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In Jawaanon Ko Shat Shat Naman…

Dekho Veer Jawaano Apne Khoon Pe Yeh Ilzaam Na Aaye… Like all fellow Indian, my heart burns and aches after the news of the senseless violence at Pulwama.

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Keeping The Child In You Alive: 6 Life Lessons Tiny Tots Taught Me

A cute poem which draws on the analogy of a bird to convey a mother's love for her child. A mother only has her child's interest at heart.

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How I Rebooted My Brain And Became Mindful

The author shares some practical tips to become mindful in this present era of information overload and constant surge of activities.

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Business Of Holidaying

Holidays. If they had a way to express, ‘spare me’, would it be. Looking at holidays, then - and now. 

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