Celebrate But Don’t Escalate

As Indians, let us not pick on small battles because that is what the enemy wants us to do – to break our unity and defeat us.

Fortnight Ago – Black armbands, 2 minutes of silence at social events, unbelievable consonance between the ruling Government and everyone falling between the left, right and centre. Banning an artist/player from our neighbourhood, postponing or even cancelling events; all of this and much more since the caitiff act of Pulwama. Not to forget the other lion-hearts who gave away their lives in the following days, post-Pulwama.

In Between – It’s back to business!  Mudslinging, chorus of unity breaking apart, every Indian eager to prove that he is more patriotic than his neighbour, Bengal Chief Minister doubting the timing of the Pulwama misery, some high-browed urban categorizing the martyred soldiers into caste and creed and so on. Talking about martyrs, it reminds me of this discussion where it was being debated whether the deceased Pulwama soldiers qualify as martyrs or not? Haven’t the patriotic comment of Owaisi, from Hyderabad, given all of us some food for thought? Unlike his previous tearing statements, the latest one is so soothing and patriotic.

And Now – The brave Indian Forces, target the Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps across the LOC. The attack is estimated to have killed 200 to 300 under-training terrorists. The Balakot camp was critical to the plan because it is the known coaching ground for fidayeens. Thanks to our brave men in uniforms, many terrorist attacks across India or probably somewhere in the other parts of the world have been evaded.  This is truly a euphoric moment! Everyone is celebrating nationhood and a ‘muhtood jawaab’ to our enemies. My heart swells with pride when I think about the daredevilry of our men and my hand automatically rises up to salute them.

Recent Future – Some dim-wit will escalate this patriotic wave into a war cry and speak in favour of a full-fledged war to settle the score forever with our enemy.  Let’s not confuse celebrating nation love with war escalation. War has never been the answer, ever…

Pakistan has lost all the previous wars that it fought with India, but it has never called off the proxy war. We all have been suffering the consequences of this since the past several decades.

As a nation, we are at a very precarious point. As Indians, let us not pick on small battles because that is what the enemy wants us to do – to break our unity and defeat us. They are playing mind games. Kashmir is their breeding ground.

Geographically, India’s backyard is slithering with enemies. Be it the neighbour in the West or the Mandarins sitting at the top North. Our recently allied countries are far West. So, we need to meander through these times very cautiously.

Trust me; Kashmir is far more complex than what meets the eyes. There is a lot of muck beneath that pristine sheet of Dal Lake. Akin to a princess captured by a monster, every single character in the story is sucking her happiness. And no one wishes to settle the dispute because there is money flowing for the privileged few from all sides.  I have spent my childhood in the now troubled city and I know how the city has gone from bad to worse; demographics have changed, cultures have changed. There has been extreme radicalization.

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My humble request to media is to stop showing news which is provocative in any manner. That too in these times when the nation is going through a fragile emotional phase. Celebrate our deserving heroes in uniform but please don’t escalate the tension.

Hail India and the Forces! Jai Hind!


Image Source: Pixabay



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