Keeping The Child In You Alive: 6 Life Lessons Tiny Tots Taught Me

A cute poem which draws on the analogy of a bird to convey a mother's love for her child. A mother only has her child's interest at heart.


One should always keep the child in him/her alive. Here are six life lessons the author learnt watching tiny tots in action at a cultural event.

Inhibitions. We all come with them, in varying degrees. Some of us feel shy all our lives and thus give oxygen to inhibitions, while some of the others shrug them off early and keep the little child alive in their heart; even when their hair is graying and teeth are losing ground. Enthusiasm. Unmindful. Non-judgmental. How I wish I could imbibe these childlike abilities now in my adulthood.

Imagine this. On a sunny morning of August, I got to talk, interact with and watch an infectious group of small children participating at the annual event organised by a prestigious school in Gurgaon. The participating children were from different schools. As a part of the school’s emphasis on developing a sense of culture and history among these children, there were different events taking place across the school on that day. Event that I judged left me overwhelmed. Under the “East Meets West” event, tiny-tots were supposed to trace the roots of the Silk Route. This exercise transported the teachers, children and their parents to centuries ago; giving them a glimpse of the lives at that time. Each child had to choose a country which passed through the Silk Route, after which he or she had to present the cultures, traditions, businesses, lifestyles, music and much more about people who lived in that country during 1400 A.D.

This will not be an exaggeration that none of the eager beavers, aged between 4 to 6 years blinked an eye or fluttered their arms or stammered their tongue while standing poised at the center of the stage. Of all the fifteen performers I saw, each was well rehearsed. Their diction was excellent; the sequence of their task was in-time and their delivery top class.

What was commendable was how well these young ones walked up the stage; loaded with not just the confidence but even the knowledge of so many weeks. Each and every child stood with much elan in the center of the stage, sharing their uniqueness. Unmindful, these acts on the stage by the tiny-tots taught me many lessons of life, it was a learning experience for me:

  1. Age and learning, can move together on a linear line – learning is a lifelong process. Age can never be a deterrent in the process.
  2. Talk like no one is judging – as the line suggests, speak your heart out. Don’t let the swoons or the boos or the hisses distract you.
  3. Enjoy the moment- be in the moment. Glow in the spotlight, not sulk.
  4. Be a sport – welcome all the opportunities that fall on your lap. May be that’s not your forte but give it a shot.
  5. Be fluids not quadrilaterals – be open to suggestions and feedback. Don’t keep yourself closed or caged.
  6. Be the dry mud not the wet one – Absorb, watch, assimilate.

Since then I have been trying to awaken the child within me. Being complacent hinders you from growing. I am trying hard to imbibe the spirits of my little role models. And I will reach there soon.

Image Source: Pexels

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