Act 3 – Gurgaon.. A City Resonates With Me Completely

Gurgaon is a process, not a destination. You have to live her, to feel her.

What Dilli is to Dilli Sultanate; Gurgaon is to American Corp. If Lutyens is Amaltas; our Jatland is Kikar. Humble Nehru Park became TDL Biodiversity Park. Fashion street Sarojini Nagar has a new name here; Arjun Marg. From one Ghungroo’s in New Delhi to the innumerable dance floors in Gurgaon, baby we have come a long way!

When I tell people the reason behind my moving to Gurgaon, they cross their brows or show that cleavage between the brows. Simple. I wanted to be close to my gynaecologist. The same tender hands which guided me with my first child had moved to Gurgaon and I needed her again for the other bundle of love living within me.  Lock stock and barrel; probably for the first time I called the shots. We moved too! And my man, all fired up (pun intended) and ready to go. And his car? A mobile ashtray, dog-eared library, tangled mobile accessories and the endless story of clutch-brake-accelerator… Ouch!

8 years and on, home is where the hearth is; and Gurgaon is where my heart and hearth are. My crown lost many jewels and changed her shade to grey, my tens in the age unit changed from 3 to 4, my car leapfrogged over the craters of the Gurgaon roads, my son drove me into the depths of the rural limits of Gurgaon, my phone crashed with a zillion ‘home delivery’ numbers, most weekends dissipated at birthday parties, my night light never twinkled in the glitterati of the ‘ladies night’; yet, this is where I belong and forever to stay. Gurgaon is where I have found my tribe – be the way you are, don’t change for the sake of it. From Kashmir to New Delhi and now Gurgaon, I am enacting Act 3 on the stage of my life-play.

My Uncle moved to Gurgaon a year ago, but he is still curiously reading the life of the “idiosyncratic” Gurgaonites. Once he asked me, “Have you bothered to know why doesn’t the grocer stock milk packets of 1 kg?…whereas he will have plenty half kg packets.” I politely said no; least of the things that would be enlisted in a soccer mom’s mind. And I wondered if he has truly retired from the South block business and the wide-road Sarkari colony.

He replied, “Well, the grocer said that because everyone here is for a short stint of professional life, they do not invest in bigger utensils and spaces. They are happy with small vessels, enough to hold half kg milk…” Agghh!! Content. Not sure if that is the correct virtue for Gurgaon, but I have certainly encountered many evolved souls, enriched lives and naturist brigades. Every campaign has a champion. Every issue has a spokesperson.  Every debate has ears. And every like-minded tribe has a group. Gurgaon has the strongest virtual community of women. Are these enthusiast brewing from the international exposures or the lack of it, I am not aware; but Gurgaon is a buzzing conundrum of experiments, progressiveness and exposures.

Each condominium has a club and every club has a rate list. Season after season, each club brandishes carnivals and the quintessential Jaipuri block print. And we all flock to queue up for the rebates. Gurgaon loves to shop; albeit our preferences have moved from the now ill-famed MG road to the hand-picked exhibitions. Monochromatic is forever. And linen is chic. For other blooms, please drive to the closest plant nurseries. Plenty around here. Think of any extra-curricular class which your club doesn’t offer or club’s neighbour doesn’t offer.

The answer is none.

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Today morning as I drove back from the ashram crossing through the farm fields of Gurgaon, I sense a calmed me and a sorted me. In the multi-ethnicity of Gurgaon, I have found my bubble of happiness.

Gurgaon is a process, not a destination. You have to live her, to feel her. While Delhi has the Capital; Gurgaon has the Guru’s grammar. Technically sound and there.


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