Today At 47 Years, Lisa Ray Shares A No-Filter, No-Makeup Photo With A Soulful Message

Lisa Ray is one actress who has never been afraid to talk about the stigmas of society. She proves it again by sharing a strong message and flaunting her bare skin.

Lisa Ray is one actress who has never been afraid to talk about the stigmas of society. She proves it again by sharing a strong message and flaunting her bare skin.

“OMG, you are getting old, I can see the wrinkles!”,  “You should put on some makeup to hide those pimples!”

These are some of the many things that women get to hear for just being okay with how they look. Of late, however, many celebrities are working towards moving beyond this idea of looking good only with makeup.

Actress, mom, cancer survivor and author Lisa Ray joined the wagon when she recently shared her no filter-no makeup photograph on Instagram.

Lisa shared a beautiful picture of herself accompanied with a soulful message, “That’s me at 47, free and unfiltered. Do we have the courage to be seen as we are? I did not when I was younger. Not everyone will recognize your worth, but love your skin and the stories it tells, your experiences, your essence- know your worth woman!- and the world will reflect back your radiance. (And if it doesn’t, fuck it. You’re lovable and perfect regardless)” – Lisa wrote

Lisa the ‘stigma breaker’

This is not the first time Lisa has been out there to break stereotypes and inspire people to embrace their body as it is.

In a recent interview with us when asked about stigmas and notions of living life she said, “Challenge mainstream notions of how life should be. I have often been rebellious and have questioned. And ultimately that’s the meaning of life. It is a journey from darkness to light.”

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In one of the throwback picture Lisa shared some time back, she spoke of how she felt when maintaining a toned bod led to serious eating disorders. Her post read: “Here’s an image that’s just a bit painful. An obsession with bony shoulders and collarbone morphed into a serious eating disorder that took years to heal. Shattering perceptions and unmasking pretty pictures to reveal what lies beneath informs the narrative of my writing debut.”

It’s okay to be natural, and it’s okay to age!

Often women are told to hide their ‘imperfections’. Also these imperfections are itself decided by the society. Absurd right?

In this world accepting our flaws and letting go of all inhibitions is not easy especially since using beauty apps and filters are the current rage. The urge to put out a flawless selfie to garner maximum likes and comments on social media is the sad reality of our times.

Lisa’s post has again given many women the inspiration to embrace themselves. So let’s put out our unfiltered selfies and for once be free and not mask ourselves.

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