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Why Can’t Women Respect Each Other, When We Expect Men To Respect Us

Our fight for our rights and respect won’t be successful until we learn to respect each other...until we acknowledge the importance of each other.

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Yes We Bleed And We Are Proud Of It

When I was a kid, I have always heard the society telling girls to be as discreet and secretive regarding periods as possible, in fact to a point that many times even I was shushed by and told not to talk about it in public and to be less vocal about when talking about periods.

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I Was Told “Gore Ladkiyon Ko Hi Achche Ladke Milte Hai” Like, WHAT?!

If I am a person worth more than my looks, why should my colour matter? This just reduces our girls to commodities to be traded!

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Are We Teaching Our Daughters To Become ‘Ladies’ Instead Of Strong Women Who Speak Up?

We need to introspect as parents. What are we teaching our daughters? Do we teach them to be good, polite ladies, or sassy strong women?

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