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5 Tips For Mums Who Are Balancing Education And Family

Wondering how to strike that balance between education and family? Fret not, here are 5 tips that can make your life easier!

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healthy eating habits
Attention, Parents! Are You Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Eating Habits?

As adults, it is our responsibility to teach and encourage children to develop healthy eating habits, that will be our gift to them.

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These 3 Key Ingredients Are A Must If You Want A Strong DIL-MIL Relationship

A mother-in-law & daughter-in-law relationship does not have to be complex, intimidating or shaky. One can begin a positive relationship.

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Women’s Day Is Gone, But Let Us Vow To Celebrate Each Other Always

So, this girl left her husband. Why? It must have been her fault, too much education leads to such ending.

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Starving Yourself Till Your Husband Gets Home Is No Way To Prove Your Love For Him!

Our culture deems a woman the perfect wife when she forgets her own needs while suppressing her hunger as a sign of love for her husband!

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Uterine Fibroids, A Common Problem Shushed By The Taboo Around Periods

Uterine fibroids are ignored, until they cause major problems - simply because our reproductive systems are considered a dirty secret. 

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Dear Sister, Creating Your Own Identity Will Give You Inner Strength

When we give up on our identities to serve our families, a time comes when we question our self worth. Sima's story shows us this reality.

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Time To Stop Indulging In Body Shaming

"Body Shaming" has been normalized so much that we have started to balance an individual's talents to a shallow value system based on "looks."

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Don’t Look For Educated And Independent Brides If You’re Only Going To Kill All Her Dreams!

It is confusing and insulting that families want brides with degrees and well-paid jobs since women are made to leave their job or studies post-marriage.

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