5 Tips For Mums Who Are Balancing Education And Family

Wondering how to strike that balance between education and family? Fret not, here are 5 tips that can make your life easier!

Going back to education after having a family can be a challenging experience for many women. Alongside carrying out various responsibilities at home, they have to additionally manage time for studying and completing regularly the allocated assignments. When one has had a long break from education, it can appear quite intimidating to start all over again.

As families are getting smaller due to economic or geographic reasons, women these days cannot expect help and support from extended family members as previous generations had managed to obtain. Hence, they have to utilise their available time efficiently to take care of others and at the same time prioritise their own goals to attain what they want.

Here are five tips on how to manage time for studying around family and other responsibilities:

1. Revisit Class Notes Straight After The Session

Most people tend to leave things until the last minute but this only piles up tasks and makes learning a time-consuming process. So, it is best to go through notes immediately after the session and write down important points so that information is easily retained. If any information is missing, it can be discussed with the course tutor or peers in the next session.

2. Fix A Schedule For Studying

Creating a study schedule helps to optimize time and reduce stress in the long run. This will allocate an equal amount of time for all modules and ensure deadlines are met. Creating a to-do list can guide the schedule. Also, one will feel more organized and in control of the situation when a plan is already in place. A specific time for studying can be maintained which can be early in the morning or at night after dinner.

3. Involve Family Members

Usually, university-level courses take up more than a year to complete. Thus, it is important to discuss and plan things involving all family members including children so that they have an understanding of what is going on and are aware of how time will be managed around their activities and education. This will keep everyone in the loop and if you are lucky, children and spouse may also offer to provide support when necessary. Asking for help is always a smart move.

4. Accept The Present Situation

Being a mother, it will never again be possible to sit through and complete an assignment in one go or within a single day. This is the reality of the situation which must be accepted. Therefore, it does no good to feel frustrated or hopeless about how things are because that will not change anything. Present circumstances must be embraced because that is the only way to move forward and plan things. As a plus point, multi-tasking can be a great way to learn and develop time management skill which is valued everywhere.

5. Enjoy The Process Of Learning

Going back to studying does not have to be a daunting process. One should enjoy this phase because alongside providing an opportunity to learn new skills, it also creates a platform to network with professionals of the same industry with similar experiences which can open up a new path, lead to innovation or even develop great friendships that last a lifetime.

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