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A Chartered Accountant by blogging enthusiast...the philosophical, perceptive thinker in me at times impels me to come up with thought-provoking write-ups that are usually inspired from human behaviours and daily life experiences

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The Ice-Cream Date With Myself!

A cute poem which describes a woman's joy when she enjoys ice-cream all by herself after a long time. She reminisces the good old days when she was a carefree girl.

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The Little Moments Of Joy

The author vividly describes a beautiful morning and wonders how time flies and how little moments bring immense joy.

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Why Did You Raise Me Like A Son?

The author brings out the plight of a girl who was raised as an independent woman but later expected to mould herself as per the norms of the patriarchal society.

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How To Escape The Daily Drudgery Of Life

Are we losing ourselves to the daily drudgery of life? The author suggests some useful ways which would prevent us from succumbing to the everyday grind and lead a stress-free life.

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The Gender Bias You Show As Parents Can Harm Your Kids In Longterm Ways

As parents, it's easy to behave in gender biased ways and hard to challenge traditional norms. But it's more important that you might think! Here's why!

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Women! Have Faith, Stay Strong, Stay Fearless

It may seem as if there is no hope in this world for an independent woman. But times are changing, and sometimes, you do meet the few people who appreciate the real you.

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Modern Day Confusions – Love Vs Arranged (Marriage)

Should you go in for an arranged marriage? And if yes, what do you need to look for? Here's how one friend came to the other's rescue.

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Want To Compete To Look Good? Ask Yourself Why

Many of us are consumed by apprehensions of 'looking' older and hence start working to look good, with some extreme behaviour. But is it healthy?

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the chakra
The Chakra [#ShortStory]

"If they are like this today, what if I end up being their puppet tomorrow? I would certainly not be happy if they keep dictating over me even if it is for my own good..."

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A Simple Question About Halloween From My Daughter Led Me To These 4 Learnings

With Halloween around, a little mother-daughter interaction on the subject led this author to share with us some quite profound nuggets about the parenting life. Read on!

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was it all worth it
Looking Back From Mid-life: Were All The Compromises I Made WORTH IT?

I compromised with myself for my loved ones all my life, lost out on what I could have been. Now, as I grow older, I ask myself, was it all worth it?

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