I’ve Begun Moving Towards A World Where Women Triumph At The Workplace

I want to bring such powerful cultural shifts in organizations with my work where women do not have to choose between expanding their family or going up the ladder in their career.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Or rather do you think you will be able to do this?”

These words by my former boss keep ringing in my ears. He was astounded with disbelief when I answered his question, “So Pradnya, what are your plans to expand your business in 2024?”

Here is what made his eyebrows rise, my answer – “My long term vision is to bring such powerful cultural shifts in organizations with my work where women do not have to choose between expanding their family or going up the ladder in their career. I dream of a world where nourishing organization cultures are created where women thrive, bring their unleashed potential to the workplace and thereby build our country’s economy“.

So well, that is my vision and my 2024 is planned towards heading right there. Of course this is not an individual task, and I will be building allies and collaborations on my up there.

How am I doing this?

Creating my niche

I have amalgamated my 15 years of work experience as a mentor to women into creating a system called as gender inhibitors and gender enhancers. I have researched, studied through and discovered the top 10 gender inhibitors which stop women from progressing in their career. Along with top 10 gender enhancers which help women in quantum leaping in their career. No one in India talks about it and I bring this potent work to individuals and organizations helping women work progression.

Going beyond social media

I realised last year itself, that if I had to work towards this vision of mine, I will have to let go of the distractions. Though my business is on social media, I asked myself “Do I really need so many social media platforms for my business?”

Answering to that question, I let go of Facebook and Instagram and now am focusing only on LinkedIn. I cannot describe the amount of more time I have with no scrolling on social media channels.

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Unconventional ways of marketing and reaching out

Believe it or not, but I have gotten back to writing our old fashioned letters to CEOs and HRs. Sending them by Indian Post boosting their business too. These letters are so well crafted and sent on a aesthetically curated letterheads that the moment someone picks them up in their hand, a wave of warmth will be washing through them.

I have also started a Newsletter where I share one potent concept each week to help individuals and leaders cultivate mindsets and capabilities, driving their confidence to step into their highest potential, creativity and performance. Challenging their thoughts to open up doors and opportunities they never thought existed before!

The value of meaningful conversations

My whole outlook towards they way I converse and talk about my work has shifted drastically. I do not have conversations with a hidden agenda of making someone my client. Today I rather speak from an energy where I know my work is needed by the world and if I do not talk about it, who else will? I have this strong yearning inside me to shine my light cutting the cord of the consequence of signing up a client with it. It feels so light and so enjoyable. It works wonderfully where my audience actually wants to know more.

I am also making conscious effort in going beyond social media conversations and having real time conversations.

Unfair advantage

All of us have an unfair advantage. The one which sets us apart from others. The one which is our innate gift. For me, the top two are my writing and my intuition. I am using these unfair advantages to the fullest to stand out. Be noticed. And spark that glimmer in someone’s eyes to know more about what I do.

I believe our human life is magic. Our human body is magic. And my ‘why’ lies in activating that magic in you. All of us have some unique and innate gifts inside us which is our ‘magic’. My ‘why’ lies in connecting the human with his/her magic for them to realize who they really are and what they are capable of doing”.

And I cannot wait to unfold this magic along with all of you. Let’s start a revolution together!

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Images source: Pradnya Vernekar

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