Lessons My Son Is Teaching Me During This Lockdown

Our kids are the real heroes during this time and let's take some time to appreciate them!

Our kids are the real heroes during this time and let’s take some time to appreciate them!

Let’s face it! This isn’t the most pleasant phase in our lives. We would rather be spending our summer in swimming pools and getting together with friends. But alas! That’s not happening. The reality is we are confined inside the four walls of our home, how much ever we hate it. But that is the call of the day and we are abiding it nevertheless.

A Choice

But friends, we have a choice! A choice on how to look at this lockdown. I like to call it the ‘lockdown of hearts’. Families being together 24*7 which doesn’t happen anymore. We trying to manage without the help of any external helpers. Everyone at home pitching with housework. Being grateful for the meals on the table and the roof on top. Simple basics of happiness!

My Son

While I am taking one day at a time, I look at my son during this phase and sometimes feel ashamed being an adult. He is obviously oblivious to the reality of any Covid-19 out there, but his freedom has also been curtailed because of it. And yet he inspires me every single day, the way he goes about his life. Rey is 15 months old and yet seems so big and mature. Our kids are the real heroes during this time. And let’s take some time to appreciate them!

Here are a few lessons I am learning from Rey during these turbulent times –

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Begin Your Day With A Smile

This guy wakes up every single day with a smile. A shy smile initially which transforms into a big grin gradually. If we are in the room when he wakes up, he will look at you and give that smile. If we aren’t in the room, he will call us and as we enter the room – boom – there is that dazzling smile. Sets the tone for not just his day but ours also as we inadvertently tend to smile along with him.

Begin your day with a smile my friends! It costs nothing. A big wide smile 🙂

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Tea Time Is Fun Time

Rey loves tea time. Especially tea time of his thammi and dadu. My husband and me aren’t tea people. So it is upon the grandparents to bring that rejuvenation during tea time. The moment tea is served in the cups, he will follow his dadu to his bedroom where his dadu has his tea. He will play along for sometime there as if he knows tea time is break time and is supposed to be fun!

Take those well deserved breaks. Make it a fun time just like Rey!

Happy With What We Have

He loves books. We had a book library for him but due to lockdown we aren’t getting any new book stock. So we are stuck with 3 odd books. He will ask me to read the same book almost 5-6 times a day and yet be so rapt in his attention while doing so. No signs of boredom. His expressions during book reading sessions are priceless. No demands for new books. Content with his 3 books for now. Isn’t that amazing?
While we would love to have and do more, let’s try to be content with what we have currently.

Family Time

He loves that all of us are at home. It’s a full house with his parents, grand parents, his aunt and our dog Bosky. While we were complaining initially on how to get two office set ups done for my husband and my sister in law, he was just happy having everyone at home. We were looking at the congestion while he was viewing it as a full house of people he loves. He is enjoying with everyone currently, spending some slots of the day with each and every one in the family.

Make the most of this time together as a family, you will not get this time back.

Learning New Skills

He is picking up new things every single day. One day he roars like a tiger, the other day he lifts his leg like a flamingo, some days he sweeps the floor with us and then on other days combs his own hair. The list is endless.

Now is the time to invest in learning. Use the time wisely. There are a plethora of courses available online. Some of which have reduced pricing too. Choose to invest in your personal development.

Celebrate Your Victories, Big Or Small

Rey loves to put things one on top of each other. He has this array of toys and household things which he tries to put on top of each other. Once he has done that successfully, he claps at himself celebrating his success.

Celebrate your victories. One some days victories might look like getting done with the day and on other days it might look like a promotion at work. Never mind the magnitude of the success during this lockdown, celebrate it regardless.

Sleep Tight with Loved Ones

Rey’s cuddles are the best! As he sleeps he holds me tight and lets me know he loves me. It’s priceless. The warmth and the togetherness. It doesn’t matter how his day has gone, his nights are always spent in cuddles and hugs. Ends our day on the right note too. You might have had a tough day or you might have had the best day, sleep in the warmth of your loved ones.

My little man is teaching me how to cope up with this lockdown and treat it the right way. When he grows up, he won’t remember that we were in a lockdown or the fear of Covid. Instead what he will remember is his entire family was at home and it was nice having all of them around 24*7 for almost a month.

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How would you like to remember this lockdown when you walk tomorrow the memory lane?

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