Away From Home

I try to make my parents proud, but the distance between us is a heavy shroud. I can't answer Mom's video call, or reply to Dad's message, I feel so small.

Away from home, I roam the world,

A lonely traveller, with dreams unfurled.

I miss the taste of mom’s home-cooked meals,

And dad’s scoldings, that once made me feel.

The nights are long, and the days are tough,

I work and study, but never enough.

I come back home, with no energy to spare,

Sleeping hungry, or eating leftovers, I don’t dare.

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I try to make my parents proud,

But the distance between us is a heavy shroud.

I can’t answer Mom’s video call,

Or reply to Dad’s message, I feel so small.

Why is adulthood so difficult to bear,

Why can’t we go back, to a fair time?

When Sundays were for playing with Dad,

And Mom’s food, made us feel so glad.

I miss those days, with all my heart,

When life was simple, we played our part.

But now I must keep moving on,

And hope that someday, I’ll be back where I belong.

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