Hopeless Love : A Poem of Love and Longing

Hopeless Love: A Poem of Marriage and Longing.


She dreamed of love and happy days,

Of laughter, joy, and sweet embraces.

But now she waits alone each night,

Her heart aching with the weight of life.


Her husband’s work has taken hold,

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And left her feeling tired and cold.

He promised soon they’d be together,

But now her hope fades like the weather.


She’s lost the feeling of what love should be,

And wonders if it’s lost for eternity.

But she knows he’s not to blame,

And still, she loves him all the same.


For once, she wants him to make her a priority,

To leave work and come to her with sincerity.

To love her, pamper her, and take care,

And make their marriage feel like a real affair.


So she waits and hopes for him to see,

That love and marriage are more than just duty.

And that together they can find a way,

To make their love grow stronger every day.


By- Joshita Bose


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joshita bose

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