8 Women-Led Businesses In Mumbai Which Could Make A Difference In Your Lifestyle

These businesswomen in Mumbai are all set to improve your lifestyle with their ideas. Read more about how Women are #BreakingBarriers in the city that never sleeps.

Was Women #BreakingBarriers Mumbai just a one-day women-in-business event? Yes. Did it leave a lasting impact on our speakers and audience? Also, yes. As businesswomen, venture capitalists, and business enthusiasts came together, we saw networking, exchange of ideas, and learning in action.

Among them were small business owners and entrepreneurs motivated to learn more about business essentials. Meet some of these individuals from Mumbai who are building an empire of change through their skills and inventions.

Anamika Chakravarty

Anamika propagates healthy living through her venture JoyHamesha. Cancer and holistic well-being coach Anamika uses science to untangle individuals from stressful situations. She is an internationally certified healer and an IIM Bangalore alumnus reducing the impact of inevitable stress. Read more about her coaching here.

Jyoti Agarwal

Jyoti is a young, passionate mom and a business and marketing consultant. Her platform Maa2Mom is an online community that caters to mothers worldwide. It brings together mothers from different generations and locations to support one another. They connect and celebrate to reach a common greater goal- making moms stronger. Learn more about Jyoti’s project here.

Vrushali Barbare

Want your kid to leave the screen and be hands-on? Vrushali has a solution for you. Enlit Kids is an exclusive bookstore with teaching aids, brainteasers, and play equipment. They also offer workshops for children and parents. Vrushali wants to enable children to become responsible individuals. Her entrepreneurial journey is focused on giving back to the community. Find their product and services here.

Charvi Mehta

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Charvi is an interior designer and heads a design studio. Her specialty includes residential and commercial spaces, retail, and hospitality. Want to style or makeover your place? You know who to contact. Check out Charvi’s work here.

Jui Bhansali

When was the last time you shopped for makeup online, and how was your experience? Jui promises to make your experience better with Smudg. Smudg is a virtual beauty companion that simplifies skin care for you. Backed by the expertise of dermatologists and makeup artists, it houses products that are the best for you. Find your skin’s product match here.

Jinisha Bhatt

With over five years of experience and 200 clients, Jinisha’s Healing Mind aims to make people mentally healthy. Jinisha is a counseling psychologist and life coach. She believes we can lead thriving lives when we are aware of our mental strengths. She offers counseling and coaching services.

Dr. Evelet Sequeira

Dr. Evelet is a trainer and life coach with an MBBS and MD. She calls herself a dancing doctor and helps her audience battle stress-inducing situations. She offers several workshops to help you heal your life. From sound and voice workshops for well-being to womb wellness workshops, Dr. Evelet helps you in various spaces. Read more about her services here.

Gauri Varty

Fashion and sustainability thrive together when entrepreneurs like Gauri design Earth-friendly fabrics. Gauri started Earthy Route to create awareness about the impact of fast fashion. Her belief in sustainable clothing comes to you packed in zero-plastic packages. Available for men and women, Earthy Route makes you look your best while creating a positive impact on our environment. Shop now.

Every year Women #BreakingBarriers introduces us to enthusiastic entrepreneurs who innovatively break boundaries. Women like the ones mentioned above often break stigmas related to women in business. Whose innovation techniques benefit you the most?

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